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Anime Expo 2008 Day 3 (even more pictures!)

Posted 07-06-2008 at 08:04 AM by NoeJeko
Updated 02-18-2009 at 09:43 PM by NoeJeko
We decided to get some glow sticks before the Shokotan concert and it ended up making us late, heh. We only missed one song, however, and when we walked back into the Nokia theater we were met with Shokotan singing “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” – cosplaying Rei Ayanami! The concert was awesome – she had the best crowd of anyone as everyone was on their feet cheering the entire time. She premiered a new song for the Gurren Lagen movie – cosplaying as Yoko! Definitely worth every minute of it.

Sadly, I didn’t get this one recorded. One of the security people saw me filming and threatened to kick me out so I didn’t want to take the risk. I did end up getting one clear picture of Shokotan in her Yoko cosplay <3

After the concert Leara and I had our air hockey rematch. Pucks were flying everywhere as expected and poor Ken almost got his head taken off! I ended up losing by one point =[ Ken had to leave and Leara went to watch anime with some friends so I went chasing cosplayers to photograph.

The night ended up with the masquerade. It wasn’t as good as I hoped but there were still a few amazing acts. Shokotan was one of the judges and we rushed the stage again after it was over to get pictures. I ended up with 3 pretty good ones. We met up with some friends again and went to IHOP about 2am.. finally getting back around 3:30. It’s now 8am and my last chance for a picture with Shokotan so, with that, I’m off!

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