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Moving... and How to Deal With It

Posted 10-10-2008 at 06:46 PM by NoeJeko
Updated 02-18-2009 at 09:41 PM by NoeJeko
As humans we dislike change. We naturally fear the unknown. We get into our comfort zones and react like cornered animals if that comfort zone is forcefully disrupted.

We have to face it - change is a fact of life. Everything will change one day or another. Whether it's in our lives, our jobs, our schools - something will change some day. With schools, you change when you pass a certain grade or your family moves. Jobs are come and go in this volatile economy. Every day you meet new people. This even applies to online communities. Recently, an unfortunate series of events befell the Lunia community, MyLunia (see MyLunia Migration).

Change doesn't always have to be bad. Ultimately, any change is what you make of it. As a former member of the US Air Force, I was forced to deal with change on an almost constant basis. I was stationed in three different states and two different countries. Almost every week leadership was changing and you had to learn to deal with your new boss. Air Force policy changed on a constant basis. What was legal one day was suddenly illegal the next day. Maintenance practices changed, network practices changed, and you even had to change your passwords every 2 weeks if we had a threat of network invasion.

Learning to deal with change can be tough - especially if you have to learn on your own. I learned most of this the hard way but I had some very influential people to help me along my way as well. I'm going to tailor these points to the recent MyLunia migration but they apply with any change in life.

1. Keep an open mind. If you think the change is going to suck then, hands down, you're going to have a miserable time. Your attitude on your change is 90% of your experience. Your attitude also impacts those around you and every aspect of your life following the change. When I was stationed in Italy, I saw new airmen come in all the time that were not pleased with being selected to serve in a foreign country. They had poor attitudes about it and this, in turn, lowered overall shop morale because we had to deal with these people daily. It lowered their work performance because they obviously hated where they were and wanted everyone to know how miserable they were. I also saw it destroy one family.

2. Plug into your new community. Get involved! If it's a location move, find out what interest groups are in your area. At school, find out what clubs you can join or what sports teams may be right for you. On MMOG, look around the site! Start a blog. Help out with the wiki. Get involved in an event. Upload something to the gallery. Learn more about the people around you. There's so much to do here, but you'll never know it if you stick to your comfort zone.

3. Appreciate what you have. Stop for a moment and look around you. If you've moved to a new city, you still have a place to live, your family, and all the things you took with you. In a new school, you have your family for support and you still have your academic abilities. Put them to use! At MMOG, you still have many of the same old friends. You still have a community. It may not be the same, but you still have something.

4. Meet new people! No matter where you go or what you do, meeting new people will be one of the best ways to enjoy the experience. New people bring new perspectives, new experiences, and new company with which to enjoy them. Don't stick your head in the sand!

Change can be difficult, but if you make an honest effort to make the best of your situation then you'll most likely end up enjoying it. At the very least, you'll not be as miserable as you would have been.

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  1. PedroRomero's Avatar
    Us MOG ppl have to make it easy for them too, by not trolling them and being difficult to work with.
    Posted 10-11-2008 at 03:14 PM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
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