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Internet Stalking

Posted 09-15-2008 at 10:57 AM by NoeJeko
Updated 02-18-2009 at 09:42 PM by NoeJeko
It seems as if I’m a magnet for freaks.

Back up a few months. MyTrickster was sold and the new owner sent me an email threatening to sue me for copyright infringement. Sue me… for us moving our own content. So I called the guy up to civilly discuss this threat and that didn’t go so well. the argument got heated and the conversation ended. He went posting on MT and Trickster Online’s official forums about how much of a “creep” and “pedophile” I was because I called him to discuss a legal threat. I guess it takes one to know one, because what happens next is really creepy.

So, at around 10 AM on August 18th, I get a call from “Mike” at “VistaPages”. He states that they have to shut our site down to investigate some “illegal files”. I told him to go ahead and then I called VistaPages support. The funny thing is, VistaPages isn’t even the host for MyMMOGames. They stated that they had not contacted me and they have no one that works for them named Mike. About 10 minutes later, he calls me back telling me they had “completed their investigation.” I asked him to give me the registered email address for my VistaPages account. He made a good educated guess, but guessed wrong. The caller then screamed “GO MYTRICKSTER!” and hung up.

It’s important to point out that I have a near-photographic memory. The voice of this “Mike” was suspiciously identical to the new MyTrickster owner.

Around this same time, a new user signed up for the official Trickster Online forums stating that MyMMOGames were “experts in hacks and malicious software.” The posts were removed by Ntreev staff.

So all was relatively quiet until September 12th when I got a call at work. The call went something like this:

Caller: “Do you feel proud?”
Me: “That depends on what you are speaking in reference to…”
Caller: “Do you feel proud of stealing other people’s ideas and calling them yours?”
Me: “I am at my place of business; I have a professional life. [MT Owner Name], do not think I don’t know who you are”
(call disconnect)

At this point I called the police. Here I have a caller from Canada wasting my time at work and wasting company money as they pay for my cell phone bill. I filed a harassment report and reported this call and the two that I received on August 18th. I didn’t expect too much to happen over this as they probably have other things to do with their time.

Saturday, September 13th: I wake up to an “Unknown” caller. When I answer the phone, I get a recording stating:

“This is the VistaPages automatic network monitoring service. All systems are functioning normally.”

I hang up. Within a minute, they call back. Same thing. I hang up. A few minutes later, they call back but this time there’s just silence. I hang up. A few minutes later, they call back again. This time, the voice on the phone says:

“F— you, watch your back.”

I called the police again reporting the 4 calls from this day. I also contacted VistaPages who stated they have no automated calling services; “If we ever contact you it will be a human.” The police took the information and added it to the existing police report. Again, I expected nothing to happen.

Sunday, September 14th: I’m at my house with my girlfriend and her sister. They’re both doing homework and I’m browsing MMOG.

*knock knock*

I get up to answer the door, but do not open it. I look through the peephole and ask “Who is it?” as I am not expecting visitors. The person outside the door is silent. I raise my voice and yell, “WHO IS IT?!” and the person turns to flee. I started to open the door but realized it’s probably not the smartest thing to chase them so I grab my Glock 22, tell my girlfriend and her sister to stay inside, and bolt out the door in pursuit. The person had stopped to talk to a resident of my building that was in the hall but turned to flee when he heard my door open. I chased him to the stairs but stopped pursuing at this point because there were 2 other people in my house I had to worry about.

I asked the resident in the hall what the guy said. He stated the guy had “the wrong key” and needed to get a new one. I returned to my apartment and called 911. Police responded and searched for the guy but could not find them. I think they were more afraid of me than the suspicious guy as they were aware I was armed. I took them home after about an hour and had no other incident that day.

About an hour prior to him showing up, a new user had registered for the official Trickster Online forums and posted that MyMMOGames was run by “a pedophile that was targeting high school girls.” He stated that he had evidence that my girlfriend was still in high school and warned the people against supporting us. For his, and anyone reading’s information, she’s 19 years old, a legal adult, and a college student. It’s really freaky that he stalked her Facebook profile to find this information - she has it set to private. The posts were removed today by Ntreev staff.

So that brings us to today. I get ready to leave for work and, in light of the weekend’s events, conduct a security sweep on my car. The hood was popped but still latched. I raised the hood and inspected the engine compartment for any signs of an IED and called the police. They came out, checked the vehicle, and took some fingerprints. It will be added to the ongoing police report.

It seems someone is bitterly angry that MyMMOGames is so successful. They even have the nerve to stalk an armed ex-Air Force sergeant who’s specialty in the service was building bombs.

If you’re reading this: You won’t win. MyMMOGames will not shut down in fear. The police will find you. I am not afraid of you.

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  1. [FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="Purple"]I can assure you all, it wasn't me. @_@[/COLOR][/FONT]
    Posted 10-09-2008 at 05:00 PM by Carmasa Carmasa is offline
  2. Vegeance's Avatar
    That is CREEPY...Someone stalking you..within the proximity of an anonymous online person
    Posted 10-11-2008 at 06:47 AM by Vegeance Vegeance is offline
  3. Sephiroth's Avatar
    Noe, you are such a badass.
    Your hero. xD
    Posted 12-28-2008 at 10:30 PM by Sephiroth Sephiroth is offline
  4. slarron's Avatar
    WoW thats really ****ed up :S
    Posted 04-02-2009 at 04:25 AM by slarron slarron is offline
  5. Now that is way stalkerish

    Makes my being followed around by a fat stalker man the other day seem like a small problem D:
    Posted 05-13-2009 at 06:05 AM by ScatterHeart ScatterHeart is offline
  6. Douceur's Avatar
    Ermgerd D:
    People are can be really... I don't even know--scary? Hope everything works out with this :x
    Whoop, didn't even realize that this was from 2009 LOL;;;;
    Pardon me, huehue.
    Posted 01-24-2013 at 05:14 PM by Douceur Douceur is offline
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