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I Swear I'm Going to Update...

Posted 08-13-2009 at 04:27 PM by NoeJeko
I know I've fallen out of the blogosphere for a while and I need to get back into it. That said, here's the latest.

What's NoeJeko Been Doing?

Well, in addition to my full time job as a web architect and full time /gg FTW manager, I started back to school full time at the end of June. I'm 51 hours from completing a Bachelor of Science in Management degree and I believe this will give me some much needed skills to take my career and the /gg FTW! community to the next level. The classes are extremely accelerated; it's nuts how fast this is going by but at least this means it'll be only about 70 weeks until I'm finally done.

Last week (August 5th, to be exact) I also enlisted in the California Air National Guard as a part-time guardsman. I'll be keeping my rank from active duty (E-5, Staff Sergeant) and this entitles me to more education benefits, a little extra $$ for the weekend drills, and most importantly a retirement pension if I complete 20 years combined active and guard duty. I'll be doing my same job (munitions tech) and I'm considering applying for Officer Training School upon completion of my BSM,

What's MMOG Been Doing?

If you've noticed, I haven't referenced the site as "MMOG" in this blog until now. Truth is, we're gearing up for a complete identity change and we're looking to implement that around 1 September. Since inception, we've known the name MyMMOGames wasn't the most marketable community name and the last year has proven that as people are reluctant to talk about such an oddly named site in other communities/games. I realize we have some of our regulars that have become quite attached to the name but the decision was made for the best interest of future community growth. In addition to an identity change, we're also changing a few more things:
  • New Design
  • Original Editorials/Articles
  • More Intuitive Game Features
  • Game Reviews/Guides

I hope that everyone will look forward to these changes as we try to take this community to the next level of success. A few FYI's about the move:
  • You will not need to re-register your account
  • Your links to your blog, images, and threads will not break.
  • The damage to our search engine rankings should be minimal
  • Community ownership is not changing

We're trying to make this as painless as we can and, through best practices of site migration, we believe we can achieve a pretty seamless migration experience. So stay tuned and watch this space for more updates and I'll really try to keep this blog updated more. Until then,


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  1. HolyAbyssal's Avatar
    I hope Noe isn't overworked with all this stuff :x

    Anyways, good luck with everything :3
    Posted 08-13-2009 at 08:15 PM by HolyAbyssal HolyAbyssal is offline
  2. Mitchi's Avatar
    Oh wow. Sounds like you got your plate full man. O_O

    Don't forget to take off a little time for yourself every once in a while. You don't wanna get all stress burnt out.
    Posted 08-18-2009 at 07:40 AM by Mitchi Mitchi is offline
  3. NoeJeko's Avatar
    Yeah I do my best to, heh. Thanks for the concern and school will only last another year and a half. Now if only MMOG could explode so I could retire and just run it kekeke...

    *wishful thinking*
    Posted 08-18-2009 at 10:20 PM by NoeJeko NoeJeko is offline
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