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Dragonica and MMOG

Posted 05-01-2009 at 03:24 PM by NoeJeko
One word... "wow".

Rewind 9 days. I get a tip from Koko that IAHGames is interested in running a promotion. Caught up with a few other projects and disappointed at the amount of YAAM hype that has fizzled over the last few months, I passed this off to Koko to manage because I just didn't have time. I expected about 50 people to sign up....

Fast forward 5 days. MMOG sets a new record in user registrations with 284 registrations (the previous record was June 18, 2008 with 156 - 2 days after we launched). We're already out of promo codes and people are wanting more. LOTS of people. So I request another 400 to make it an even 500 total and expect it to trail off.

This brings us to now. As of this blog, we've seen 1,006 new members register (and post =D) in the last 5 days - and today is only about 2/3 over. We sprung up a new forum feature (Dragonica Forums) in record time, our wiki team is aggressively working on the Dragonica Wiki, and our staff is feeling an energy similar to the beginnings of MT. In fact, from a purely statistical standpoint, this is precisely how MT began. Unfortunately I can only speak in statistics because I wasn't there - joined 4 months after.

IAHGames has been great to work with, their CM Kaye posted some very positive comments about MMOG's staff on their Official Forums. We've received guarantees that there will be no IP blocks put in place on SEA Dragonica - another major plus for a community unsure of who's version will control which reigon. We've decided to open our feature for all versions but IAHGames is rapidly setting the standard by which all other Dragonica publishers should adopt or risk alienating their communities.

As far as MMOG is concerned, could Dragonica be our next "MT"? We'll find out in a couple of weeks; the game's closed beta hasn't even started!

Dragonica Official Site

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  1. Congrats to MMOG for having set up a new record of member registration. =D

    And I was one of those 1.006 new members lol.
    Posted 05-01-2009 at 06:14 PM by Amakusa Amakusa is offline
  2. Kotarou's Avatar

    Where is hare hare yukai :3
    Posted 05-01-2009 at 07:31 PM by Kotarou Kotarou is offline
  3. LaTale's Avatar
    I'm glad that everything is going so well~
    Posted 05-02-2009 at 03:16 AM by LaTale LaTale is offline
  4. Red's Avatar
    Just reading this makes me feel
    Posted 05-02-2009 at 06:41 AM by Red Red is offline
  5. Hector's Avatar
    Surge of activity on the way? o/
    Posted 06-15-2009 at 01:16 AM by Hector Hector is offline
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