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Posted 12-30-2012 at 09:40 PM by Nebula
Well, I am sitting here at my computer on the 31st of December 2012. Just looking back on this year.

2012 for me started in Denver, Colorado. I woke up he having snow outside my window inside my aunt's house. One thing I remember about being the America for new year's is turning on the television and seeing pictures of the fireworks in Sydney. Quite an interesting thing to see your own country on the news doing something the country you are in is about to do.
Typically over here, we will get the images of the ball dropping in New York in the evening news of New Year's day. Also, it would be very hot.
So I spent the first month of 201 in America seeing my family. When we visited Chicago, the weather was warmer than it was in Tucson (which we had spent Christmas in). We also happened to go to the Aquarium on free admission day; so we gave up and went to Navy Pier instead.
After Chicago, we went to Ottawa. It sure was nice seeing the place where I almost grew up in. There I found out what it felt like to have your legs freeze in your pants.
After Ottawa, I went to Seattle. For the second time I have been there, it snowed on us. This time we also got freezing rain. (I have only been to Seattle twice) We had fun there anyways. I spent most of the time reading, however.

We also saw Portland, Oregan and headed back to Tucson (this time the weather was normal) before heading home.

I had two weeks at home before college resumed. Nothing really happened then.

First semester I learnt a few things about study habits and such. One subject I fell sick before the exam and then had 1 day to relearn everything I learnt in that course. Strangely it made sense when I read the correct textbook..... So I did well in the exams ad actually got a reasonable mark overall for the subject. (Gosh my assignment and lab marks were embarrassing.)
However second semester I learnt that not playing Trickster at all can get you some much nicer grades on assignments. Finally I started to understand Electromagnetism properly. In first year I was lucky to pass that section of the course. I think my best lesson this semester was a little bit about balancing life properly. I know it is possible to have a job, a life, play games and have proper sleeping hours and get good grades all at the same time. I still do not write up pages of time allocations; maybe I should but I cannot bring myself to do it, knowing that I will not stick with it.

I met many amazing people this year and got to know my existing friends a little bit better. I have not done anything extraordinary but I have had fun. That is the important part anyways.
I would write a list, but I am worried that I will forget someone.
Other people; I have also changed my view of them to a more positive one. Some of them have surprised me a bit.

Well, I have mixed feelings about this. Sometimes I feel like I a appreciated sometimes I wonder why I bother to even work there. However I think one of the highlights of work this year was learning how to supervise self serve.
The only reason is for the following incident.

Someone left $10 behind and another customer came to the machine. They did not spot it. ANyways, I picked it up and asked if it was their $10 and they told me that it wasn't.

So there are still some honest people in the world. Restored my faith in humanity anyways.

A potential new interest.
Finally found some motivation to start playing the piano again. I quit back in 9th grade after 2 years of learning so I am not very good. I am picking up some of mum's old music and trying to learn it at the moment. The hard sections can be rather demotivating... and a change of keys to 5 flats...

I guess I should ask mum about finger patterns. e shall see how long this goes for XD.

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