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The Wonders of Life

Posted 08-18-2012 at 09:30 PM by Nebula
Well, I just wanted to get a few things off my mind. I suppose I have had a few interesting experiences recently. One of them has just been undug from the back of my mind. Others I still need to think of.

1. The man at the checkout
So I work in a supermarket at the checkout. Good customer service requires us to attempt to engage in a conversation about some sort of everyday matter.
Anyways I was serving this man at the express counter (up to 15 items or so). I do not remember how we got to the subject but this conversation really stood out to me. Anyways he told me something along the lines of "For every mistake in life you make, you lose a finger". I was a little confused until he showed me his left hand. It was missing its ring finger. I think he then joked about marriage causing it but I was never too sure.
Either way. One day I will make a big mistake in life (maybe I am already making it), kinda of scared what it will cost me. Will it be physical or something else.

2. Ignorance
I catch the bus to university. I generally keep to myself however, one morning a 60ish year old man sat next to me and another girl in a set of seats anyways we all began to talk.
I found out he was working and doing his 4th degree at university. It sounded like quite a tough life. He sounded as if he had done some fascinating things in his life.
Anyways, I tell I friend about this conversation. My friend told me how he did not like people who spend their whole life studying. The reason being, it costed many resources and making things harder for people around them.

3. Indecision
No real story here but when you are in a group of people where everyone wants everyone else to decide on what to do. I see that as unproductive. I wonder if this can cause friendships to fall appart.

4. Inclusion
Well, I tend to be rather shy however, I also feel as that when I see someone alone, I should go and talk to them. Well, most of the time I would be scared of doing this; but I decided to conquer my fears and give it a go. Well! It was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I guess I shall try it again one day.

So yeah, plenty to still learn and decide on. Thanks for reading

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