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Why do people hate China so much?

Posted 11-25-2009 at 07:37 AM by Naps
Many people say many bad things about China and how it is one of the worst countries in the world. If you don't know anything about China, don't start saying how crappy the government system is, or how terrible the living conditions are, and on and on.

I was born and raised in China, I have been through what this country has to offer its average citizens, and like most people, I was very impressed. Having a government to watch over over 1 billion people is extremely difficult work. I would like to see Canadian government deal with 1 billion people, they would probably start pulling their hair on the first day. Some people say communism is dictatorship, communism this, communism that. Well I say communism works, I sometimes watch Canadian parliament TV, and usually find myself watching more dramatic insults being thrown back and forth, rather than decisions being made.

Poverty. Every country has certain areas that are under economic stress, such as ghettos and slums, but that doesn't mean its like that everywhere. China won't be considered as one of the economic superpowers in the world if they didn't have the resources. One thing I do want to complain is that sometimes I see TV programs talking about China, they only show the poor places. Why aren't they in Shanghai? or Beijing?

Media Distortion. Okay, maybe Chinese government is doing too much, but if they think certain content should not be released to the public, then its their choice. I personally think the censorship is one thing they need to back down. And media distortion happens in North America as well.

The one thing that ticks me off is that when someone does something bad in China, the major reaction I see from the general public is "wow I can't believe China did this," or "China is so bad." The actions of one person cannot reflect a nation. But when a situation happens here, no one blames the country.

Human rights. Honestly, I did not feel pressured by the government at all when I lived in China, neither did my parents or their parents. If you obey the law, live an honest life, the government will leave you be. These complaints about human rights usually come from people who corrupted money and are under interrogation, or the people who practice that occult religion (Falun Gong, but that's a different matter).

In summary, China is a great country with a rich history. There might somethings that China did that did not agree with the rest of the world. But I am proud to stand up and say "I am Chinese", and I always will be glad that I am a part of a glorious nation.

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  1. PedroRomero's Avatar
    But when a situation happens here, no one blames the country
    i don't know how many times something on the news happened in america and people on this forum alone will be like "stupid american." "this is why i don't like americans" etc etc. i think america also has a lot of people hating it as well...

    anyway yes there will be a stigma always related to things people do not understand. the western world was thaught many many years ago to hate communism (a history lesson should suffice in explaining that to you). it is hard to get such ideas that were constantly ingrained in peoples thoughts out of their head.

    a lot of us in the west have grown up watching anti communist propaganda even in cartoons.

    anyway i had more to say but i have to leave right now. xD sorry
    Posted 11-25-2009 at 07:53 AM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
  2. Griever's Avatar
    Every ethnicity and race has something they should be proud of. Don't listen to anyone otherwise.

    I'm half-Polish and my ancestors helped hide the Jews during WW2. :P
    I'm half-Spaniard and my Conquistador ancestors pretty much owned at taking land away from people.
    Posted 11-25-2009 at 07:56 AM by Griever Griever is offline
  3. Naps's Avatar
    @Pedro, I was more referring to Canada, where I live. sorry for that misunderstanding.
    Posted 11-25-2009 at 08:26 AM by Naps Naps is offline
  4. PedroRomero's Avatar
    back from the dead.

    that's why i said the west. I think Canada is part of the west, yes? And even Canadians are not innocent of saying "america is stupid". the generalization of the country based on the news reported from within is unfortunately not unique to China.

    like griever say every country has its own bad things and good things. america had over a hundred years of slavery. on the other hand it's considered a melting pot of cultures.

    the best thing you can do is hope that with education people will learn to see things as a matter of perspective. my best friend is chinese and she sees nothing wrong with communism. my other friend is from taiwan and her mom always has something bad ot say about mainland. again it's perspectives.

    i get annoyed too though when people read something about america and say "america is so stupid." but i will say more times than not those people are not taking it into perspective.

    like someone read an article "japanese man marries video game character". isn't your first instinct to almost say "wow japanese people are so weird and crazy. have they no sense of good judgement" when really that is just a sample of a small population of japanese.

    am i rambling?

    i'll shut up now
    Posted 11-25-2009 at 11:25 AM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
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