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Miyuki's - Halo ...2?

Posted 11-27-2008 at 03:48 AM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
Ok, I got bored, and I wanted to find some games to play...and yah, I did played Halo years back, but mostly I enjoy the story, lol.

And yah, I'm sick with those mmo games, lately...kinda, lol, and I wanna try some single player games, at least.

Anyway, Halo is a sci-fi FPS game where is about the alien race is having holy war with the humans...bla bla bla
[lol I'm suck @ describing stuff]

source: Halo: Combat Evolved - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...
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Miyuki's - Melty Blood [MBAC + MBAA]!

Posted 10-04-2008 at 08:49 PM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
Updated 10-04-2008 at 08:57 PM by Miyuki
*Exposes more Melty Blood o/*

Anyway, as some of you know, we do have our own MMOG Melty Blood community, which is located here:

Here are some of the vids for MBAC:

And now, for the MBAA, which just recently released for arcade @ Japan, the vids:

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Miyuki's - [Latale] Keep Facing X-Trap Problems?

Posted 10-04-2008 at 06:59 PM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
*Posting it here, so people will get noticed about the thread*

So, basically, more and more people getting this problem and still there's no 'solutions', yet.

As I mentioned in that thread, I tried to reproduce the problem [which I almost have similar system configurations], but failed. Or maybe there's other person can suggest or help .

But then, I'll...
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