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New Desktop Q_Q...

Posted 06-24-2009 at 05:10 PM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
A budget..pc actually ;;...and to replaces my brokeen pentium 4 pc that I've used since...uhm...2003.

Bought the Acer desktop only..since I can still use the lcd monitor..but will upgrade these when ...there's more budget money soon ;;

The only downside now is that I'm using the onboard graphics card...probably will buy one next time .-.

But still... Q_Q...replaces pentium 4....and now I'm broke


The ss of my desktop...
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Miyuki's - Keyboard error.

Posted 11-27-2008 at 10:01 PM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
Updated 11-27-2008 at 10:09 PM by Miyuki
And press anything to continue, from this pic:

Hmm../telepathically commands 'press F1 key' to computer.

Seriously, they should comes up with at least...more 'sense' solution or error message ._.
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Miyuki's - New Tablet =D

Posted 10-23-2008 at 05:40 PM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
Ok, *maybe* not really totally unlucky day for me...I think, aside from not being able to hear any sounds for almost 2 days are completely torturing me ;;.

So, I got my new tablet, yesterday, hoorah ^_^...tho it's a cheap wacom bamboo tablet ;; [4x6 working area]...its kinda small, but at least I'll get used with tablet first, before I invest more @_@.

It's in the car now! Oh noes...
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Miyuki's - Foobar2000! Setup and Tutorial!

Posted 10-16-2008 at 05:46 AM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
This time, I'll mentioning about Foobar2000, which is a lightweight, yet powerful audio player, for those audio enthusiast out there ;o

[All images are in thumbnail form]

Why Foobar? Why not WinAmp? Windows Media Player?
Why I choose Foobar? Simple, as these:
- Light weight audio player, only at 2.76MB.
- Plugins, 3rd party plugins, that will greatly enhance your audio listening experiences.
- Supports TTA, FLAC codecs with plugins enabled....
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Miyuki's - Activities, Stuff...etc

Posted 10-13-2008 at 02:37 AM by Miyuki (Miyuki's Blog)
So, finally I've excuses to try out the Fedora 9 after my office pc...breaks yeah...I'm too lazy to reinstall, update windows and everything...since I've my lappy anyway.

The installations of Fedora 9 is pretty easy, and everything goes smooth...unlike my last time when I tried install Fedora Core 6 @ IBM x3k series, which ended up whole system break down...and try try try...manually edits everything again @_@;

Oh, didn't I mentioned, installing flashplayer...
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