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Gone, inactives, bla bla...

Posted 01-31-2009 at 04:23 AM by Miyuki
Ok, I'm emo, I'm hiding in my emo world and only comes out during weekends.

heck... no lol.

I just got enrolled to government [hahah gov, yeah rite, lol] medical college...and training as [classified], for 3 years.

That's why I'm less online lately, most of the time I'll be on msn [on phone, ahaha], so for those who wanna find me, just simply drop a message on my msn, which you can get from my profile...but beware of some "stuff", if you dare.

So, how's my life lately? Uh, lets see...aside from learning more and more perverts [yes, even the tutors, student affair department] uses those pervert terms a LOT during tutorials and lectures...lolz... why? Their reason is that "so the students will less shy...bla bla bla" ...yeah RIGHT, guys just made more new perverts on this college, ahahah.

Speaking of those, heh, my roommate always gone for "dates" at night, which I find it's...yeah, whatever, I'm not gonna take responsible if my roommate got into..trouble or something, heh.

Oh, that reminds me, some of the nurses here, actually got "pregnant", after they got...yeah, "cheated" by their boyfriend into sex...oh lolz, the "true love", so called... I hope they can overcome their own problem before it gone worst :x

My studies? Lets see, we learn ...those medical students learn, like biology, chemist, etc... and also, lol @ reproductive organ topic @ microbiology, ahaha...and we've like 1xxxxx medical terms to remember, /faints

So yeah, sometime I'll be back @ weekends, but depends, as it has becoming more and more busier semester this in exam weeks coming up, co-curriculum activities, dating...wait, dating? [cough -shot -cough]

Anyway, as I mentioned, just drop a message on my msn if you wanna find me.

See ya next time!

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Tags: inactive, medical
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