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Miyuki's - He didn't admit.

Posted 11-18-2008 at 12:02 AM by Miyuki
So, basically, another -customer- case again, where he did asked us to sent his laptop for warranty, uh, not really his, it's his other friend anyway. And the owner of the laptop isn't here, and she left it for him to take care for a while.

Ok, so, first, it's ok, just like normal customer interaction much, he sent the laptop, claiming something wrong with it, and yah, we did claimed warranty for such. And also, he screwed up the system, and yah, changed too...bla bla bla, he blame the viruses in the pen drives much. We did asked if can, please bring over the pen drives that causes the problem, but he didn't wanted to.

So and so, everything fixed, returned.

Ok, the next day, he came over again, claiming that we didn't repair/service the laptop well, and the problem still exists. And AGAIN, we did asked for the pen drives that causes the problem, but he insisted it's our fault.

Oh hey, you screwed up much your friend's laptop, it was totally fine yesterday, we did asked our tech team to test it over and over again, and it was fine. You didn't even admit that you've totally screwed her laptop much, and whats so secretive about your pen drives? Most we will just upload your private pron videos to the net if we found any -cough-.

So and so, he still don't want to admit it's his fault, and he didn't even bring the pen drives that causes the problem. And his friend asked him to take good care of her notebook while she's away, but he used it and screwed it up. So, who's fault now.

gg customers.

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  1. Sheep's Avatar
    mmm unreliable friends. If anything his friend will question why it was broken and why he needed to repair it before she goes to you.
    Posted 11-19-2008 at 01:18 PM by Sheep Sheep is offline
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