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Miyuki's - Reviews on McAfee Total Protection 2008

Posted 10-07-2008 at 11:34 PM by Miyuki
Updated 10-07-2008 at 11:39 PM by Miyuki
Review - McAfee Total Protection 2008

[My few first software and products reviews, so pardon me for some of the mistakes >_<;]

- Introduction -

McAfee Total Protection 2008 is a total protection security suite for your computer, ranging from virus protection, firewall protection, spyware protection anti-spam, parental controls, identify and fraud detetcton, and also the popular link checker software, SiteAdvisor. Not just that, it also includes the link checker for popular IM client such as Yahoo Messenger. This is useful especially if you have younger sisters, or anyone that shares your notebook/desktop for their IM needs ;o.

- Pro -
New user friendly user interface and navigation. Have fast detection rate, useful for newbies with not much exposure to internet security threats, and also for good for shared family computer, that have multiple siblings/parents that shares the computer to connect to the internet or doing their work. The firewall and network monitors is useful to know who are connecting to your computer, and you can set trust or not trusting to certain network you wish to.

- Cons -
There are few false alarms, that might triggers once if you're into debugging software and also *cough* patches*. There isn't much advanced features, especially in their firewall settings, as sometime you'll need to porf-forward, and set up advanced rules. Lack of hourly updates might not gives user the latest protection, especially there's new virus outbreak, unlike Kaspersky and Avast that provides hourly updates to their customers.


- Reviews -

*Fast detection rate
It have fast detection rate, especially when it comes to virus scan and removal. This is useful if you shares usb drives a lot with your friends, or maybe copied something from your school computers. Once you plugged in your usb drive into your computer, McAfee will directly detects and removes any threats if there's any, since nowadays viruses/trojans spreads from USB drives, normally have autorun.inf, and it will causes itself to spread if that computer have auto-run enabled.

McAfee scored 97.8% in total detection rate.

*Clean and easy navigation
Unlike certain security suite, McAfee Total Security 2008 have a clean user interface and easy to navigate around like when you want to scan for viruses, find more about your antivirus protection status and such. It will warns user if there's any unwanted modification or if your security settings are set to the lowest settings/or disabled.

McAfee Total Security clean interface, which are easy for user to navigate around

It will notifies the user if the security suite is out of date or the settings are not as the recommended settings

*Firewall protection
The firewall protection, is the same as other well known firewall protection software. Not just that, it will notifies the user if there's other computers in the network tries to connect to your computer. You can either block or add him into trust list, up to your preferences. Although lack of advanced rules features might be a bit of let down.

Network monitor will displays any computer connected into the network

*Anti-fraud and identify protection
As internet are growing larger, and lots of people are doing online shopping, but at the same time, lots of fraud and scam sites are growing, tries to steal your identify or credit card information. McAfee Total Protection will automatically blocks and warns the user if the user accidentally surf into the wrong site, such as your sisters.

SiteAdvisor is an useful tool, especially if you surf the websites, a lot, and not sure what website you're viewing on and such. It will monitors the website link on your address bar, and will warns you if you surf into the wrong website. Not just that, it also supports Google and Yahoo searches, so you won't searches for the wrong site.

SiteAdvisor in Google

SiteAdvisor in Yahoo

SiteAdvisor will automatically warns a user if the visited site is in suspected list

*Resources and Performance*
As much of most people concenred about the resources used by security software, McAfee Total Security 2008 won't be a burden much on your system, as it doesn't uses much resources as other security suites like Symantec Norton Internet Security. As much other gamers concerned about their gaming performance, as it won't 'lags' the gamer in term in gaming.

Resources used

- Conclusion -
Priced at $69.95 for 3 PC, it's a good all-in-one total security suite which provides good protection and also other tools for your pc, and also for your other pc like your siblings or your parents ;o. Not just that, it's pretty user friendly, with less interaction [firewall pops up] needed from the user, as it will automatically sets the rules for the application which will connected to the internet. As for compatibility, it works well with Windows Vista and Windows XP flawlessly. Mcafee does protect the user and will automatically removes any viruses or malware from the pc. Tho the lack of hourly updates, which Mcafee only provides updates for a day, and this might causes the virus protection lack of latest virus outbreak, unlike Kaspersky and Avast that provides hourly updates for their customers.

Price source: Antivirus, Spyware, Spam, Network Protection | Total Protection | McAfee

I hope you enjoyed this review, I know I've lots of stuff to fix, and I'm working on it x3. As I'll do other reviews on other software too, probably notebook and such too! So, stay tuned =D

Thanks for viewing!

Till next time!

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