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Miyuki's - Strange SMS

Posted 10-07-2008 at 02:08 AM by Miyuki
Anyone from SEA, should remember this 'sms' news.

Just since yesterdays, my mom and sisters received strange sms from unknown sender.

The content is like this, in Malay:-

"Jikalau anda mendapat panggilan telefon yang bernombor panjang, cth: +62852731520946 dan nombor itu berwarna merah,diharp sangat jangan diangkat dan dijawab panggilan itu. ini kerana di indonesia sekarang, sekumpulan penuntut ilmu hitam sedang menguji ilmu mereka melalui telefon. jika sesiapa menjawab panggilan itu, mulut akan berbuih dan akan mati selepas itu. di indonesia sudah 9 orang mati dan malam tadi di puchong 2 orang mati. ini benar benar terjadi. tolong sebarkan msg ini. (original text all in big letters) "

Which translate to...

"If you receives any phone calls, especially from a long numbered number such as +62852731520946 and that number is in red, please don't answer the call. This is because there is some group in indonesia who practices black magic is testing their magic via phone. If anyone answer the phone, his/her mouth will got foam and will die afterward. There's at least 9 people dead in indonesia, and 2 people dead in puchong last nite. This is real case. Please spread the message."

Ok, I think this is kinda another of those "hoax" and also "sms spams" which last time occured, such as those "Congratulations, you've just won AF's contests" and those things of craps. If you wnat to believe it or not, its up to you. I rather believes in God, rather than just simple sms texts.

If this was real, then they'll becomes Indonesia version of Death...wait...Death Phone group, and even US military will not able to fight them if this is real :x.

I don't receives any of those sms tho, probably postpaid users have better spam filters =).

DiGi FTW x3
I found it funny, there's still few people who believes on these o_o;


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