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Raindrops and a half-eaten riceball | Who the hell is Mitchi?!
The incoherent ramblings of a Tzimisce trapped by a Tremere in a Toreador's body. Or maybe i'm just a Malkavian. My bad.
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Fall, part 2.

Posted 10-27-2008 at 11:00 PM by Mitchi
Part one is here.

No, no, no, you idiot!!

Karma silently cursed the Lasombra girl as she rid herself of her most powerful assets.

He's not gonna fight fair, why give up your one shot of winning? Nova, I thought you were smarter than that!

The Tremere was just about ready to pull Nova back, knock her out and take care of this jerk all on his own, but he knew that she'd never forgive him for it.

Nova scrambled back and used new tendrils to help her dodge the large and surprisingly swift blade, which was getting closer to hitting it's mark with each swing.

Karma felt helpless. Here he was, more powerful a combatant than anyone else in their pack, and all he could do was watch while his best friend came very close to getting her head severed from her body. Or her torso from her legs, or something from something else. She always helped him, from protecting him when his defenses were down to keeping him sane when things took a turn for the worse. For god's sake, the woman even risked her life to save his daughter on multiple occasions.

And now she was about to meet her fate at the hands of an imbecile who had literally sold his soul to the devil.

Karma drew the twin scimitars he always wore at his side and quickly stepped in to deflect the large claymore that was once again about to slice Nova in two.

"You prick, you call this fighting fair?"

"Out of the way, Karma. This isn't your fight."

"Bullshit. You're using demonic magic to get an advantage!"

Armand flinched slightly. It wasn't much, but the little drop in his guard was enough to indicate that Karma's suspicions were dead on.

"Karma, I can handle this..."

He didn't even bother looking back. He suddenly didn't care if she never forgave him, as long as she was alive.

Armand swung his blade, a powerful strike from above, but Karma expertly blocked with his scimitars and spun around to Armand's side in one motion, and swung his own swords at his enemy's unprotected midsection. Though shadows rose up to block it, Karma knew that he had the upper hand. While the Lasombra had nearly unmatchable brute strength, Karma had speed and excellent footing, which would always keep him a safe distance from the over sized blade.

Armand drew his sword up over his shoulder, as if he were swinging a baseball bat, leaving him wide open for an attack, an opening which Karma couldn't resist. It was too late before the redheaded Tremere realized that the blade had disappeared, and a smaller, more maneuverable sword had replaced it. It was still a claymore, but one that could be utilized more efficiently in combat. Quick reflexes and great timing were all that saved Karma from demise at this little trick. Unfortunately, there was a casualty.

Cursing, Karma threw down the handle and half a scimitar that he held in his right hand, all the while not missing a beat and kicking his opponent in the gut, giving him a chance to back up. So that was his shtick, upgrading his weapon mid-battle. The little cheater.

"Hah, nice try. Too bad your sword was a just as pathetic as you are."

Karma narrowed his eyes. It was impossible, how could his sword break? It was specially made by their resident blacksmith of a Salubri to be near indestructible. What the hell kind of sword was this **** using?

"I was gonna let you go, so you could go crying back to your mommy, but I guess I'll have to kill you both. Too bad, Lillith, I was hoping you'd join me again."

But something was off. Nova wasn't where she was. Armand turned just in time to realize that she was behind him, her crossbow aimed dead at him. Point blank, there was no way he could block this one. But just as she fired, a dark, dense cloud appeared right between her bolt and her target, and the shot disappeared into the void.

"Just can't fight without your little demon slut, could you?"

Three pairs of eyes all turned to see a new arrival. Two in fact, a young man with sandy hair and yellow patches of skin, and a teenager

holding a menacing looking scythe.

"Lillith, you little *****..."

"Yeah, keep insulting her and you're not gonna live till morning."

Nova glared at the two newcomers, the gaze almost as freezing as the icy blue orbs they originated from. Why were they here?

"**** this, next time, I'm not even gonna bother with trying to set rules, I'll just kill you." Armand said through gritted teeth, right before the shadows swirled around him. when they cleared away, he was nowhere to be seen.

"Okay, what the hell, Nova."

"I could have handled it."

"Like hell you could!"

Nova just stood there, staring down the three young men that weer obviously worried about her.

"You should have at least told me why you left town like that."

"Yeah right, you would have just tried to stop me."

"Damn straight I would. If not for Saiph here, I wouldn't have even known where to find you."

Nova sighed and walked over to the pile of jewelry she had dropped and began scooping them up and tossing them in her pouch. She knew he

was right and she should have told him, both as his girlfriend and a resident of his city.

"I knew that if I told you, he wouldn't show, and...well...I just wanted to hurt the bastard."

"Be that as it may, it was horribly irresponsible and extremely foolhardy of you to rush out here like that."

"And Karma doesn't get yelled at?"

"That's different. He's Karma, and there's no known cure."

"Hey! I'm standing right here!"

Scythe smirked at the flame haired Tremere and said nothing, then pulled out a small ring.

"Alright kids, let's go home" He said, while opening a portal back to the city.


"Sucks being grounded, doesn't it?"

Nova looked up from her book to see Saiph standing before her. She buried her nose in her book in an attempt to avoid him.

"Go away."

"Aww come on, it's not that bad."

"Are you kidding? I had new leads on the stuff I was researching, and now I have to stay here and read. I can't even send any of you out on any kind of missions."

"Serves you right for running off like that. What were you thinking? Oh wait, never mind, I know."

Nova glared at her Nosferatu pack mate, annoyed at his obvious misuse of his powers.

"You still have feelings for that moron, and not just anger issues."

Nova roller her eyes and proceeded to glue her nose back into her book.


"Don't worry, I won't tell Scythe."

Saiph chuckled and backed out of the room as a book came flying at him.



MMOG writing challenge. Join us.

Anyways, this fic is based on Vampire: The Masqurade, a popular Tabletop RPG published by Whitewolf. I'll be writing up an actual series that these characters go in, but this fic is completely non-canon.

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