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Raindrops and a half-eaten riceball | Who the hell is Mitchi?!
The incoherent ramblings of a Tzimisce trapped by a Tremere in a Toreador's body. Or maybe i'm just a Malkavian. My bad.
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Part two of "choices" a crappy RO fanfic.

Posted 10-19-2008 at 09:41 PM by Mitchi
((Okay, part two of the writing project. Ragnarok Online this time.))

part one is here: Choices part 1

Choices (cont.)

The moon hung high over the lush forests of Payon, and the stars and celebratory fireworks lit up the sky even more. Yet, in spite of the cheerful commotion caused by the surviving villagers, a greif ridden sulk hung over the heads of the assassin and acolyte who now trudged towards the chapel in which they were to meet the priest who would help them.

Even upon arrival, when a sacred prayer was uttered, the eerie silence still lingered, and the chill of death loomed in the air.

Kiro closed her eyes, knowing that at any moment, another sould would be sucked away. She could prctically feel Hel's breath on the back of her neck, eager to claim a sould to take away.

She knew that this might be the last time she would see Akira, whom she regarded with deep respect, despite her distaste for assassins in general.

Suddenly, she felt herself going into a trance, like when one falls asleep. Nothing could shake the fear and sadness that gripped her heart.

She couldn't let this happen.

"He...he wouldn't want this to happen..."

She sighed her emerald eyes now half open.

"He'd be angry at both of us for even thinking of doing this, and would argue to the end of time about how we shouldn't have even attempted this. I've made my descision -- I'm not going through with this."


"I'd rather live the rest of my life in mourning than spend it under his constant ire. I'd rahter he not be with me than for him to never forgive me."


She felt herself being roughly shaken, her pale hair falling in front of her eyes. suddenly, she snapped to attention and looked around.

This wasn't a chapel in Payon...this wasn't even indoors.

"You awake?"


"Well, you said you were tired so I let you nap here. But we need to go...right now."


Kiro looked around, puzzled. It was daytime, she was with her own brother, and she was nowhere near Payon. In fact, if she had to guess,

she was somewhere outside of Geffen.

"Well, you were supposed to meet up with Shinta. It seemed kinda important when you told me earlier."

Kiro blinked, and after a minute or so realized that none of it had ever happened. The epic battle and tragedy were all a dream.

A smile broke out across her face as she realized that everything was still right in the world.


"Just where have you been? I've been waiting for an hour."

Kiro breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the wizard, his long auburn hair and blue eyes a sight for sore and nearly frightened


"Sorry...I slept in a little."

"Well, never mind that. I have something I've been wanting to show you."

The acolyte smiled as the Wizard began to lead her down the streets towards the Geffen Library, probably eager to show off some new book.

"Hey, Shinta...I have a question. What would you do if I gave up my life for you?"

"What? Well...I'd be angry, I guess. I don't know what I would do if I suddenly lost you when if could have been prevented."

"Well, what if something happened to Akira?"

"I'd be horrified. He's the only family I have know that."

Kirono couldn't help but smile.

"What brougt that on?"

"Nothing...I'm just glad I made the right descision."

Even to this day, the confused wizard still does not know what was going on, and Kiro has no intention of telling him.

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