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Raindrops and a half-eaten riceball | Who the hell is Mitchi?!
The incoherent ramblings of a Tzimisce trapped by a Tremere in a Toreador's body. Or maybe i'm just a Malkavian. My bad.
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Writing Challenge entry: With my precious tears

Posted 08-20-2010 at 06:16 AM by Mitchi
Prompt:Break Away
Title: With my precious tears
Fandom: Akiko Shikata - Harmonia (sorta)
Genre: idk
Rating: PG-13
Summary: If only I could feel your love one last time.
Author’s Note: This is probably as close to a conclusion as you're going to get from my Harmonia set. It's a continuation of "From our Sacred Land," which in turn is a continuation of "To Our Distant Home." Also, Yes, the writing style of this is simpler than the first two. This is intentional.


There is nothing left for me.

My home was taken, my family was destroyed, my life left in bloody ruins.

Yet in all the tears I shed, none of them compared to those I caused.

They were innocent, most of them. Women, children, beloved pets. Families, lovers, friends, people in their somewhat peaceful lives. Was it really vengeance? I had no issue with many of the lives I destroyed. Jealousy? Had I lost so much of myself that the thought of others being happy when I never again this why?

I moved the dust around with my fingers, the ash and soil that covered the earth, and wept.

He would hate me now. My beloved would hate the murderous woman I had become. I was no longer the girl my family had died to protect. My mother and father...they must be so disappointed.

And I must walk this earth alone.

This is my punishment.

Shoulders slumped, I wept and wept, until I felt as though there were no tears left in my body. When my throat was dried, I crawled, weakened, to the stream and brought to my mouth the red, blood stained water. The mere thought of it made me saddened, and I felt more tears fall. They fell onto my hands, into the stream, onto the blackened earth.

I wished and prayed with all my heart that somehow, with my stained and impure hands, that maybe I would be able to cleanse and repair this devastated world.

As though I was heard, the rain began to fall. A soft drizzle, a light shower, and finally, a full on downpour. I fell back, the rain water, the only thing pure left in this world, fell on my scarred skin, and washed away the soot and ash that stained my dress and the ground. With it all were my tears, washing all the blood away.

It seemed as though it were days, maybe weeks. The torrent refused to cease, and I could feel my voice fading away. The water rose up around me, and yet, I made no effort to seek higher ground. I cried and cried, my tears becoming one with the purifying rain.

And then, before I knew it, the darkness came again.

When I next opened my eyes, it was bright, yet dark at the same time. The water had somehow risen around me and wrapped itself around me like a blanket. I looked up, suspended in the water that had been called forth to wash away my sin, and raised a hand, as though trying to capture the sunlight that shone through the water.

I closed my eyes and thought back to the days when I was joyful, with my family by my side. I would never see them again. Even if we were to find ourselves in the same place in the next life, I would never again be fated to see them, to hear them. Such was my punishment.

I had razed the earth, and for the rest of eternity, I must now repent in the cold, dark depths of this watery prison.

Please, let life be restored to the gentle home I once had.

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