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Raindrops and a half-eaten riceball | Who the hell is Mitchi?!
The incoherent ramblings of a Tzimisce trapped by a Tremere in a Toreador's body. Or maybe i'm just a Malkavian. My bad.
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To our distant home -- /ggFTW writing challenge

Posted 07-09-2010 at 12:54 AM by Mitchi
Updated 07-23-2010 at 12:10 AM by Mitchi
Prompt: Storms
Title:To our distant home
Fandom: Original
Genre: not sure
Rating: PG
Summary: Please, just once, let peace ring through this cursed land...
Authorís Note: Part of a larger story I'm working on, this is actually a set up for a different prompt that I'm working on.


Why has all the sound stopped?

Before I could hear the sounds of my family, the sounds of the people walking out on the street outside my window. There were birds and cicadas and the occasional cow. My sister, my mother, the sound of my Father's hammer as he worked.

And I would sing.

I would sing for my town and my love, for my joy and for the immense happiness in my heart.

Then there were the screams. The crying and the sadness. All the happy sounds of my relatively quiet life were disruppted suddenly by the murderous sounds of oppressive force.

My father worried for us. He did not want for us to live in this town anymore. It was once our home but the sanctity had been slaghtered before our eyes, and we feared for our own safety. I was young, a girl of sixteen, and my mother feared for my virtue. So under the cover of night, we fled. We took nothing but the clothes on our back, what little coin we had, and some provisions. But we also had company. My dearest love, my closest friend, and my beloved's family. They journeyed with us, hoping to find new life, and a safe place where there was peace.

We heard tell of a far off land that the war did not touch. It would take us several moons of travel to reach it, but we were willing to make the journey to find our new home.

There were beautiful melodies, of the forest and the rivers and all life that was around us, and things became more and more beautiful as we fled from the grasp of the war.

And I sang.

We carried only what we needed, and slept on hard ground, but my voice still resonated in all the joy we had by being together. My father talked of opening another shop in our new home, and talked of us all living together, two families as one under a roof. After all, they liked to tease me and my love, saying we were almost of age to be wed.

As winter came and the snow started to fall, we worried that we would not reach our destination. It was difficult to find a warm place to sleep, and my sister seemed in danger of catching her death of a cold.

But as the weeks passed and the snow melted away under the warm spring sunlight, we were happily greeted with new flowers, fresh grass, and the newfound strength and health that my sister never posessed.

The barren land was at an end, and for the first time in months, we had reached a city. Not a town or a farm, but an actual bustling city, large buildings and all.

That night, we were happy to rest in an inn, in a cozy and warm place after such arduous travels. I sang for a crowd outside, as my love played music, and we were able to earn just enough.

Not too far from the city was a small town, hidden in a border of trees. We knew at once that this was where we were destined to make our home.

But then, the ashes came.

We were happy once again, and we had found our home. My father had a small shoe shop like he did back in our old home, and my sister has a place to play without danger, but although our we had found peace, we were mistaken.

The sounds had stopped again, replaced by the cruel laughter of violent soldiers, and the cracking of flames as they ate away at the structures. We ran, trying to hide, and one by one we fell away until it was me, my sister and my beloved's sister. I wanted to protect them, I wanted to make sure they would have a good life, but as smoke filled the room, the air left me and I was surrounded in black.

When I awoke, all was silent.

The ground was covered in crimson and gray.

And I wept.

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