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Raindrops and a half-eaten riceball | Who the hell is Mitchi?!
The incoherent ramblings of a Tzimisce trapped by a Tremere in a Toreador's body. Or maybe i'm just a Malkavian. My bad.
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Porcelain -- gg Writing challenge entry.

Posted 07-04-2010 at 01:37 AM by Mitchi
Updated 07-04-2010 at 04:02 AM by Mitchi

Please excuse the crappy spelling and formatting, it's like...4 in the morning here and I'm to tired to notice things.

This again. Ohoho

Prompt: Porcelain
Title: Porcelain
Fandom: Original
Genre: idk, descriptive more than anything
Rating: G
Authorís Note: Mostly using this as practice (as usual) for honing my writing skills. While this isn't about anything in particular, I still had fun with it.

"No, use the fine tipped brush for this."

She sighed and set down the brush she was holding.

"First you tell me to use the giant brush for the outer rings, now you want me to use the little brush? What's wrong with you?"

"Erin, just trust me."

"But why can't I just use the end of the other brush, I like I did for the ring?" She protested. It was strange to her, using the back end of a paintbrush to do anything, but it worked. A perfectly round circle of dark blue was now painted on the tiny white sphere mounted on the needle she held between her fingers.

"If you don't learn to paint it by hand instead of using short cuts, then you'll never make any that look...well...alive."

The girl sighed and dipped her paintbrush in the lighter colored paint, then carefully painted another circle within the first, dark one.

"Hey, Jeremy, does this look right?" She asked, holding the tiny sphere up for her companion to inspect it.

"Hmm, a little lopsided, but you're getting there. try getting the darker ring a little bi smaller. They aren't supposed to be that big."

She sighed and carefully painted a little bit more.

"Alright, done, now what?"

Jeremy looked at the tiny painted ball and nodded in approval.

"Alright, now you need to do the details. Look at my eyes." He said. "Notice how the iris has little striations in it? You need to replicate that to make it look realistic. And like real eyes, no two of yours will be the same."

Erin picked up the brush and carefully painted little light colored lines and markings, trying to make her little eye similar to Jeremy's real one.

"Alright, now paint on the pupil and dip the iris in glue."


"Yeah, when it dries it'll look kinda like a lens. Makes the eye look more real."

She sighed and finished up the eyes that she had been making. After the glue dried was the shiny varnish, then it would be time to actually put them in the dolls.

Reveling in the velvety smoothness, Erin sighed contentedly as she carefully stroked her fingertips along the doll's delicate hand. The cold, translucent porcelain looked like the skin of a perfect little girl, and all the details were sculpted carefully and lovingly by her. In just a couple more days, the culmination of her years of sculpting practice would be completed, a tiny porcelain ball-jointed doll carefully and lovingly made, piece by beautiful piece.

"Three more days, Alundra, and I'll be all done." She said, tenderly admiring the gentle features of the doll's face.

Three more days.

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