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Raindrops and a half-eaten riceball | Who the hell is Mitchi?!
The incoherent ramblings of a Tzimisce trapped by a Tremere in a Toreador's body. Or maybe i'm just a Malkavian. My bad.
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His Glare, Her smile

Posted 06-29-2010 at 11:26 PM by Mitchi
Updated 06-29-2010 at 11:31 PM by Mitchi
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Prompt: Intensity
Title: His glare, her smile
Fandom: To your true self (Persona RP)
Genre: idk
Rating: PG
Summary: Layla has been invited to a mysterious club, along with a young man she has never met.
Authorís Note: Not really cannon to the story, this is written for the Persona RP that Maget and I are running. This has to do with his character (Nathaniel) and my character (Layla) and the circumstances surrounding them joining Sigma Mu Tau and the Velvet room.

It was spring.

The suicides had been on the rise as of late, and despite the increased efforts to counsel or aid the students, more and more of them had taken to ending their lives. No one really knew when it all started. A few casualties here and there, a hanging, wrist slitting, ingestion of bleach. What was really painful for all involved was the overdose of acetaminophen one young man had subjected himself to.

The parents of these youngsters were hard to console, and little by little, the trickle of seemingly overstress university students taking their lives had increased to a steady stream. Rumors of every color and shape had spread amongst the residents of the campus, and the more superstitious of the bunch had begun to fear for their own paranoid lives.

It was then that it appeared. A mysterious invitation from an unknown club. The young girl looked it over, reading it and contemplating, before finally deciding she would accept. It looked interesting enough. Strange name however. The velvet room. It sounded rather exotic and just a little bit risque. But that wasn't what drew her to it. Upon mentioning it to a few friends, none of them could find the mysterious club. This intrigued the girl more than anything else, and before long, she clicked the little button on the webpage that would confirm that yes, she would like to join this club, thanks for asking.

It was odd, the fact that out of the blue, some club that she knew nothing about was requesting for her to join. She was just some nobody, unimpressive psyche student that studied way too much. Pretty much anyone else from Lorelei hall fit that description. But something was a little different, a little off. Of all of these people, of all of the random members, why was he there?

She approached him. Not right away, but after the class she had with him the day after. He was surprised, a little taken aback. Apparently not too many people sought them out after joining. Usually, it was the other way around. He invited her to meet the other members, and being a teacher, he was at least somewhat trustworthy. Or so she hoped.

They were all nice. All of them were there for the same reason she was, but something was a little off about them. They all talked about the room choosing them, or some mumbo jumbo nonsense that seemed like someone was hitting the sauce a little too hard. And yet, she kept coming back to learn more. It wasn't too terribly long before she learned what they were all about.

They were trying to stop the deaths.

Not death in general, but the unnatural occurrence of large amounts of college student suicides.

They were nice, except for the one boy that brushed them off and left.

But they wouldn't relent. They said they needed to convince him, to get him in their circle. She didn't know why, but they were very very determined. He refused, again and again, but the more he said no, the more curious she grew.

Then the day came. She was to join them in whatever task it was that they had. And yet, they still wanted him to come along in spite of his refusal. She tracked him down, which wasn't all too difficult. Even though he constantly shunned her, she kept trying until eventually, he relented and agreed to join, just once.

It was not what she expected.

It was dark, it was cold and empty, and it was dangerous.

They kept talking about inner selves and whatnot, and since their director was a Psychology teacher, she thought it meant...well, your literal inner self. How was she to know?

She didn't remember much. They taught her how to call it forth, her "inner self" but she didn't remember anything beyond just trying.

She awoke, in her bunk bed in her room, and saw him there, his stern expression a penetrating frown. He looked off and expressed annoyance at having to look after her because she was careless. But reading people was her specialty, her trade. She could sense the softness, the faint concern that lay hidden beneath the ice.

He remained the in club since then.

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