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Constructive Cretinism :# DaM yOu

Posted 01-01-2011 at 01:08 AM by Millas
Haha well I try to keep my passion for art at simmered here at Ggftw ,But as most of the people that I usually associate myself in Trickster or La tale know, I have many art threads around, some in “discreet “ forums
*no names I’d die if anyone around here saw my shameful nudies drawings*

Well so I got some feed back…..:c it makes me feel like I’ve failed at it but I guess is only more reason for me to raise my passion for perversion and art.

Someone#1 say:Still could use some anatomy work, but nice progress from the first post.

Here are some tips:
1. (most important rule) keep practicing daily. The more you draw the same thing, the more it comes as a reflex later on.
2. study your subjects before beginning to draw. if it is off the top of your head, all of your lines should be drawn lightly first so that when you are ready to finish the sketch, you will have the basic lines down and you can draw one smoother line than the sketch's lines (since chances are it will be a bunch of jagged lines while sketching) and draw this smoother line darker than the rest (or, better yet, pen...then you cant accidentally erase it when erasing the sketch lines)
3. develop your own style. Too many "artists" try to strictly use someone else's style. That will not help develop your imagination and the quality of work will be much lesser than the original. As much as I love the look of DBZ characters, too many people fail at drawing goku off the top of their head. It's a well known fact. I can't even draw Mickey mouse off the top of my head and make him look just like disney does.
4. How to draw tutorials and lessons are NOT JUST FOR KIDS. When I was a child, I used to buy how to draw books and those helped me develop a good basic understanding of drawing concepts. All skill levels of how to draw books and tutorials are necessary if you are not taking art classes (or at least taking them seriously).
5. play with many different shading techniques. Believe it or not, that helped me with my proportions quite a bit because then i knew when something looked too fat or too skinny...and adapted.

Infec:You definitely have talent, you just need to work on proportioning.

####mofo:I think the best advice to give you would be to study human anatomy. Your sketch style is nice, keep up with that =) I would use anime as a influence, but don't necessarily use it as a resource when first really getting your hands dirty. My instructors used to outlaw anime in studios because it's too stylized (and they are right). If you want to draw stylized, you must learn how to draw basic anatomy first.

What I do is take a sketch diary with me to class, and out with friends. I draw people as they are, sometimes quick sketches of their faces, body gestures, specific body stances, etc. I would do this over and over until I get a better grasp in how everything works together.

There are some simple guidelines to follow when drawing, which are formerly taught. I would also suggest drawing from real life photos for a bit too. You will be amazed how better your anime inspired drawings will turn out for you =)

Wanted to add a reference site that is free for you to use while practicing.

Most images are free to use for PERSONAL USE. Just read the guidelines and you will be fine.

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