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My blog of general shit, or as I once named it: The Damned Insanity.
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I'm the god damn batman rwaaag

Posted 11-12-2011 at 02:57 PM by Metty
Because that's exactly what I sound like right now with this sore throat. I've drank so many Hot Totties I don't want to see whiskey ever again.

In other news, Shmups. I felt like playing some since the closest I had played was Galaxian years ago. Started with Touhou 7. Beat it on Lunatic, now all the other Touhou games are too slow and easy for my liking. Beat Mushihime on the PS2 as well. Crimzon Clover doesn't like my arcade stick, it stops accepting stick inputs when shooting with the buttons unless I shoot using the keyboard so I haven't really played it. Beat DeathSmiles on the MAME.

So now I'm sitting here with my lungs in a bowl while I watch Chaos;Head.

Got an all nighter planned for this Friday at the local uni as well. Got Melty Blood Actress Again just barely working on my laptop so I'll be taking that with me. Now to go nurse a bottle of cough syrup.

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