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My blog of general shit, or as I once named it: The Damned Insanity.
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My Dark Souls Live Stream

Posted 10-02-2011 at 08:47 AM by Metty
Updated 10-06-2011 at 08:28 AM by Metty
Originally Posted by FemaleTengu
On Friday 7th of October at 10am (GMT) @Metty will have the lube ready, as he will be streaming Dark Souls for your sadistic viewing pleasure. From 8am and during any breaks (If he bothers to take any) I shall be doing filler.

I post this now to give anyone who wishes to watch (In English) a chance to make time for it.

I shall post a link to his channel closer to the time in this thread.

So the remaining question is this; his body and soul are ready... but is his anus?
I figured I'd copy it over from my friends forum for you guys as well. I'll also have an IRC channel embedded onto the page as well. She will be doing filler till I get home from my local GAME with the game, a breakfast footlong sub and two litres of Mountain Dew Energy. I'll make another blog post on the day or day before with the link to the stream.

Basic layout of how it will go down:
- FT will stream from about 8 AM or so, an hour or two after I wake up.
- I will leave at around 8.30 for the train that will get me into town before 9 when store opens
- I will pick up food before GAME opens
- After collecting game, catch either bus or train home
- Set up capture card and 360 next to PC
- Stream till I pass out

IRC will be there for those wishing to ask questions, chat, etc.

URL for the stream: remember this will not be live until 8 AM (GMT) Friday unless I'm running a few quick tests. I wont be the one streaming at the start my friend will be and when I get home from GAME with my copy I will then be going live from my PC with commentary and general antics.
So no I'm not the English woman you will most likely hear for the first two hours. I will most likely be going live around 10. Now to post this in a new blog.

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