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My blog of general shit, or as I once named it: The Damned Insanity.
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BlazBlue CS Ranked Matches etc

Posted 07-03-2011 at 05:24 AM by Metty
Updated 07-03-2011 at 05:33 AM by Metty
As some may have noticed my blogs name is now a parody of BlazBlues "Teach me, Miss Litchi!". This is due to me getting back into loving fighting games again, mainly BlazBlue. As I sit here typing this on my laptop next to my new 360 and eating this lovely sandwich and drinking this Italian coffee I have had ten people ragequit on me. These people get perfected the first round, then spam taunt the second round before unplugging.

These people have over one thousand games played according to their stat screens prematch yet ragequit and report me as unsportsmanlike.

I've also received a few hate mail so far with various insults, horrible spelling and complaints about lag. Thos 3-4 green bars and no input delay what-so-ever sure is laggy eh?

And what is it with Jins who think Tagers Sledgehammer can be countered with the flying ice sword? If I'm using invincibility frames to go through your shit, STOP DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER GIVING ME A FREE WIN.

I fought a guy last night who's a friend of a friend who I was on Skype with as they said this guy was cheap as shit. He tried to pull this shit I'm getting in ranked matches and said if there was no lag he would have "destroyed me so hard". Let us go over how predictable he was.

As Tsubaki:
- he constantly used forwards charge at the start of the match and almost constantly
- died to spark bolt while charging up her drive while I'm at the far edge of the screen
- always went for low hits
- using burst to try to put me in the corner

As Lambda-11 (his main)
- low hits almost all the time
- bursting for no reason
- dying to spark bolt still
- using projectiles on my invincibility frames
- using burst to try to put me in corner

What I did
- Not a single burst in 20 matches
- Forced him to burst from anywhere from 5-10 seconds into rounds when I was being serious
- Combos, combos everywhere
- Always have between 70-100% health left
- Standing A him to death a few times
- scream "WOMBO COMBO THAT AINT HAZAMA" over Skype when I did two full 4k combos with the sod magnetized.
- engage trollface during Skype call with him later that night

He claims to have played all of the challenges for all the characters and beat them but eh, I'm doubting this. All he could do with most chars was try to get me into the corner and if he was using Rachel he would try to trap me with her rods which didn't work.

Cthulhu bless magnets, science, Tagers Sledgehammer and REAL SOVIET DAMAGE. Yes I am a Mike Z fan. He plays both of my mains in both ArcSys games.

I plan to learn either Litchi or Arakune eventually but I want to practice them against my friends first to get the hang of them, especially Arakune.

But as a Tager and Potemkin main I have to say this: ****IN' MAGNETS HOW DO THEY WORK?!

Also my face all day yesterday and today so far:

If you got BlazBlue CS and a 360 feel free to hit me up for a game or two on Paradox0Virus. Mind you I'm in Ireland but I've not had any issues of bad delay yet. Need some more people to play to get ready for next years tournament.

Video from the con I was at:

I'm the guy sitting next to the Ragna cosplayer fighting him. Was one of the first matches.

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