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My blog of general shit, or as I once named it: The Damned Insanity.
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Q-Con XVIII Day 2

Posted 06-25-2011 at 12:07 AM by Metty
Updated 06-25-2011 at 12:11 AM by Metty
God help me I'm in the Blazblue tourney today. Was in Naruto and Tekken 6 yesterday. Both went horribly. Saw some really bad cosplay from Naruto but an awesome guy doing Spy from TF2. He looked at me and went "shhh" then followed a guy up a stair well and stabbed him with a cardboard dagger, you could hear the guy scream. Ended up playing with the Spy on the MAME there. Also saw a Rorschach cosplay, he roared when he won his Tekken match. Why is it that girls seem to be able to cosplay male characters better than guys?

Welp, time to go pray to Mike Z to empower my Tager today with REAL SOVIET DAMAGE AND MAGNETISM.

Thank Cthulhu the building this is being held in has at least three bars in it, might have to drown my sorrows if I do badly. That and I'm nervous as **** right now. Tourney is in about 2 hours from now (10.00-10.30 AM UK Time, little after 8AM now), bars don't open till 11.00 I think.

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  1. Good luck

    Posted 06-25-2011 at 10:41 AM by Poople Poople is offline
  2. Metty's Avatar
    I made it to quarter finals in the tourney, not bad for my first tourney and officially my second time playing it and it not being the emulated arcade version. Tager that made it to the finals was absolutely horrid. Even his opponent was telling him to use Atomic Collider and he kept trying to do Tagers Buster instead and the Ragna just kept jumping over it. One Ragna ended all his matches with an astral, other astrals preformed were done by Bang, Hakumen and one of the other 4 Tagers. Sadly I lost to Mu but the guy is also a member of the local gaming/anime club at the uni so once I start playing more there I should be ready for the next one.

    Was shocked when some cute girls in cosplay were going around saying "giving free hugs". Saw a Pyramid Head, Ragna who I destroyed in our match but he was a total bro, Balthier, Light, a very fat Princess Peach, Alucard, a Hazama without green hair, and way too many Kingdom Hearts and Bleach characters.

    Thankfully tomorrow is casual 3rd Strike and cosplay skits as well as the disco and masquerade. Sadly none of the traders there have the necklace I wanted which is the FF8 Lionheart emblem. And the Gundam emblem necklace is the Earth forces one from SEED of all things, gief Zeon necklace. My mind is still processing all the cosplay I saw today to try to keep an accurate record. Though my main gripe with all the cosplay is the people too lazy to also do the characters hair, I don't care if its real hair or a wig, at least don't skimp out on a detail like that as Virgil from DMC3 should have slicked back white hair at least, not a black comb over.
    Posted 06-25-2011 at 03:49 PM by Metty Metty is offline
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