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Posted 09-07-2012 at 12:59 PM by Mega
Major changes happening in my life now.

I'm TRYING hard to stay on a GOOD diet and start exercising.

Because the college I went to screwed up my scholarship and decided this year that my parents were making enough money that I didn't need any help to go to school (which is bullshit because we had the same income as last year). So long story short, I'm not attending college this year. I'm looking for a job (my first job!). Though since the US economy blows, there are like NO computer jobs in my area. So I'm looking at Bi-Lo or Walmart to at least start earning some money.

My Dad's cousin's friend is kicking her out of her house and "cousin's" old house has been sitting with all the stuff still in it for 5 years with no electricity or air or anything. So my parents are going to let her stay here with us and give her the downstairs of our house and we'll live in the upstairs part.

My mom is a hoarder! And we're having to clean up allllllll of upstairs and get ready for a yard sale so we can get enough room to live upstairs. As well as cleaning allllll of the downstairs so it's empty for when the cousin moves in. Supposedly she's coming in October with her dog and cat (which you know we already have 3 cats and the girl that goes crazy if she smells new cats in the house) so we're getting a wall built downstairs and putting a new door up so that all the animals will have area to roam around in and we can still visit with each other if we want.

She starting living with her friend 5 years ago after her parents died. She's the one that got me into liking Disney and we actually went to Disney World twice with her and her parents because she planned the whole trip for us, all we had to do was show up lol.

The crappy part about all this though.... is that before she comes....we have to go down and help her pack/drive it all the way back up here (about a 12 hour drive ONE WAY).

I'm just hoping my anxiety doesn't go back to being a pain in the ass again...I've finally gotten it somewhat under control so I don't freak out at having to travel an hour or so away from home...I guess this will be a major test for me =/

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