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Posted 01-16-2012 at 04:38 PM by Mega
Updated 01-16-2012 at 04:43 PM by Mega
So school has started once again. I'm taking some basic classes that will transfer to another college that I'm hoping to be starting at this coming Fall. They have a Bachelor's in Game Design that sounds exactly what I've always wanted to do (besides being a video game tester :P )

This semester seems like it's going to be hard, probably because the last 3 years I've had computer classes and we could always use our books on the tests and stuff. Now I actually have to MEMORIZE stuff D:

Oh yeah, I graduated with an Associates in Computer Operations last Fall! Cum Laude too! With a 3.7 GPA ^-^

And once again technology hates me. My laptop died for the 3rd time now. Best Buy sent it off and supposedly they did a LOT of repairing. I'm just waiting for it to get back to the store now. Thank God my Dad still has my old laptop. I don't think I would be able to survive without something to play on anymore Next time the laptop breaks they send it off for a "lemon evaluation" lol. If it's deemed suited for another repair then the store will either replace it (which will be hard to do since my laptop is no longer made), give me a similar one (same internal components, etc), OR give me my money back. That would be awesome because I have now found out that even "desktop replacement gaming laptops" are not really so haha. If I get my money back, and as much as I love the mobility of a laptop, I'll probably look into buying a new gaming desktop or maybe even try to build my own for the first time. My HTC Evo 3D which I've had less than 6 months is already acting screwy. I think it's the software and not the actual phone itself though. It likes to restart itself when I'm doing stuff or talking to people lol.

I've been super addicted to League of Legends lately, I guess since it's the only thing this old laptop can actually play without super amounts of lag lmao. Almost gotten to level 30 from level 18ish in less than a month x_x...Got hacked on Nexon so I haven't really been playing Dragon Nest or Vindictus, though I did get a response from an actual person saying they were planning to do something about it in early 2012. Lunia is finally getting boring after about 5 years haha. Guess that's about my limit on games since that was how long I played MapleStory before I found Lunia.

Over the Christmas break I got so many new games and I finished quite a lot of them, though there's still about 8 or 9 left on my "to do" list. I seriously doubt I'll be getting around to those anytime soon with school kicking into high gear now. Super excited for FFXIII-2 and Tales of Graces f in the next few weeks/months

Mom is having a medical procedure done (cause she's "over the hill" and it's required now). Hopefully all goes well with that. The cats are all messed up in the head besides Mr. Stripes! Cami is still on Prozac and Taz NEEDS to be on it because he jumps at every little noise anymore. I swear he's an idiot anymore cause he TRIES to attack "play" with Cami even though he knows she'll woop his ass lol.

I desperately need to get my drivers license so that I CAN go to this new college, but I'm so freaking lazy and a little scared to do it. I know it has to be done sooner or later though....A job would be nice too even though....I"M LAZY lol...

I got to go watch Beauty and the Beast 3D with my family yesterday. I know the last time I saw it was the original VHS, but wow, they've really put a lot into remastering it. It looks so clear, crisp, and colorful compared to what I remember The 3D was awesome too! It wasn't any of that crappy 3d stuff, most of the movie was in 3D! I still get goosebumps from hearing those songs from when I was a kid

There's a lot more I would probably type in here since there's so much going through my brain at the moment, but I need to go do some more homework!

I guess I'll be looking forward to getting my laptop back and doing a clean install of Windows 7 (AFTER I GET MY GIMP BRUSHES OFF OF IT! D: )

So until next time~


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  1. Seru's Avatar
    o-em-gee, I went to go watch Beauty and the Beast 3D also with a couple of friends. We were kind of worried we'd seem creepy thinking that it would mostly be small children and their parents, but surprisingly there were quite a few college age students as well lol.

    Also, good luck with getting your Bachelor degree and hope life gets less chaotic for you.~
    Posted 01-18-2012 at 11:05 AM by Seru Seru is offline
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