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How to get Raven and Eve(HK)

Posted 09-25-2010 at 05:39 PM by maxpayne
Updated 11-10-2010 at 05:28 AM by maxpayne (added pictures)
Both of their quests are denoted by orange symbols but Eve has her first three quests numbered and her card quest isn't....

How to get Raven(starts at level 32)
Go to village chief in Altera to start his quest....
1.Finish Altera 4-1 in Very Hard mode
2.Defeat Raven in 4-1 Normal 5 times

3.Get 3,5,5(name is not important) quest items from map 4 Altera any dungeon any monster
4.Finish Altera 4-5 in Very Hard mode
5.Defeat Boss in 4-6 in any mode and get a chance to get the perfect core of Nasod King
-->Presto you have a Raven Card

How to get Eve....
Mission Step:
2nd Village(Alchemist):Orange 1/3(level 19)
2-6(Hard) Defeat Wally the 8th(boss) to get the drop

3rd Village(Alchemist):Orange 2/3(level 25)
3-7(Hard) Defeat 納斯德運輸工*30

3rd Village(Alchemist): Orange 3/3(level 36)
4-5(Hard) Defeat and Collect drops Shield Nasods 8 times

4th Village(Alchemist): Orange[CARD](level 39)
4-6(Hard) Defeat the Nasod King to get the quest item(1)
-->Presto you now have an Eve card

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