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goin without internet

Posted 10-26-2012 at 04:39 AM by Math
isn't that bad
I mean
I ain't dead yet
so here's how it all went down

I forced myself to stop playing
I went to my dad and was like
if I play
don't let me
be all like ayo gurl stahp

so he did that
the first few days all I did was sleep and eat and toilet and stuff
was swimming in my misery ya know
wondering why I even did this
then I was like hey I can do fun stuff
so I drew
I drew dis picture of Enthalpy from TO and dis picture of CLERiCxHALEY from maple
hopefully this will become a habit and not a one time thing like oh-that-thing-,-I-did-that-when-my-Internet-was-gone-lols.
This continued, then I went to a buncha school rallys and tailgates and barbeques n stuff and that was all pretty fun
Then I actually made a paper airplane
like not one of those ghetto old school kinds
they don't even work
no, I made one of those super cool neato airplanes that glide through the air like your scissors glide through paper
I threw it out my bedroom window to see how far it would go but when I came downstairs to get it some car ran over it

so then I became really depressed and sad about it and started to eat and sleep again (not really but somehow my sleeping schedule got messed up)
so I couldn't sleep much
this continued until today
that is my excuse for posting at such a late time


oh and today was an amazing day, 2 days b4 my birthday EXCEPT...

ok well I got balloons and a really super perfect amazing cupcake from Walmart
but then my friend was like ayo ima tackle you
so he did
my cupcake
and I dont think I have to explain any more about that perfectly sculptured cupcake that just got its face broken

sorry to make you squint
tired x100000

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