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the tw meta is so

Posted 10-02-2012 at 12:14 AM by mamoru
Updated 10-02-2012 at 12:18 AM by mamoru
warning in advance

~* you will not care about the content in this post at all *~

So today, MTV announced an open casting call for identical twins to audition for the role of two alpha werewolves in Teen Wolf.

At first my reaction can be summed up as: omg yay new characters this will be awesome

and then i read the excerpt of the script.


But what really got me feeling all kinds of NO was the general reaction of the fandom

>"they are perfect i love them"
>"jeff davis u r magical"

Gee it gave me this horrible sick feeling to my stomach seeing how everyone was spazzing about these characters, completely ignoring, I dunno, the bit about how they were VIOLENTLY DESCRIBING HOW TO MURDER A FEMALE CHARACTER ON THE SHOW. I mean! These characters we know virtually nothing about, other than that one is the Brains and the other is the Muscle, are already loved and adored by the general fandom just by virtue of them being (gasp) male and (gasp) twins (therefore, perfect and ripe for ~fanfiction material~ because incest ((among hot white boys)) is sexy). Makes me wonder what the reaction of the fandom would be if the twins who get casted were MOC.

But this was my problem delving into the world of fandoms in the first place, with all the qu33r (why is this word even censored? I don't understand) fetishizing and misogyny that runs rampant (Hi, Glee Fandom). I've read a couple of arguments before about the general misogyny of the TW fandom, and I really can't think of any other instance that proves that point more clearly than this specific instance.

On that note, it's kind of sickening how easily the TW fandom rip apart and throw shade on the female cast members -- Allison, and Lydia tend to be easy targets for cray cray Scisaac, Sterek and iono, i guess Stackson? shippers. When Dylan O'Brien tweeted pictures of him and his girlfriend, the entire day was filled with people either 1.) saying how much they hated that ***** 2.) saying how they don't even look like a couple (disregarding HOW THEY'RE FREAKING MAKING OUT but i guess that doesn't matter because Tyler Hoechlin is such a better match for Dylan even though both are taken by their respective girlfriends) 3.) people freaking out over O'Brien's personal love life having to create conflict over Sterek becoming canon.

I mean, I do love Sterek and I do think it's a very cute ship between two different but complementary characters, but in the end, it's just a ship. It's not canon nor should people feel that the producer has an obligation to live to their demands. There's also that entirely wrong perspective about how Sterek is the savior and guiding light toward LGBTQ representation in popular media, considering how 1. the relationship (before any intimacy) is kind of problematic the way the show is structured right now (for one, it doesn't make sense) 2. Stiles is probably at least 8 years younger than Derek 3. THERE IS ALREADY AN OPENLY GAY CHARACTER ON THE SHOW WHO WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THIS ROLE

But, right, PEOPLE ARE SO HATEFUL TOWARD FEMALE CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW it makes me feel horrible for the two unfortunate souls who play Allison and Lydia (and Erica too!). Even the slightest mention of there being a possibility for casting for Derek's female love interest nets a lot of hatred from the Sterek fandom (of which makes up a huge population of the meta, admittedly me included). I also found it incredibly interesting that (spoilers) among the (important) characters that have died in the show, two out of three (I'm counting Victoria, Kate & Matt among the dead) have been female. And in that group, Victoria & Kate's deaths were rather celebrated in the community, while there are people who are petitioning Matt to return in Season 3.

Matt, being the creepy as hell character who stalked Allison; who took photos at her without her consent/knowledge while she was at school, AT HOME, IN HER ROOM; who kidnapped her; who worked in a conspiracy with her evil grandpa to "win her"; who paralyzed and gave her the creepiest monologue Of All Time (NO ONE CAN HAVE YOU NOW). THAT MATT.

THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS FANDOM but I WILL CONTINUE TO SHIP STEREK and persist in my headcanons. Just not with this bunch. Also how do people not realize that Sterek is a crackship.

/sashays away

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