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MMORPGs and grinding

Posted 01-20-2009 at 07:54 PM by m1s3ri
Nope, this isn't a whine about how much grinding is required in MMOs lately. Surprised?!

I think it's pretty much agreed that requiring grinding is a common complaint though, especially in Asian-developed MMOs. They all seem really formulaic; you kill things, you get flashier equipment and skills, you kill bigger things, you get even flashier toys.

I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing.

Grinding, in the sense of having to do something repeatedly for a reward, is part of the appeal of MMOs. It's how they offer very high amounts of playtime without completely exhausting the content. After all, it takes much longer to design interesting and engaging content than it takes players to beat it; therefore, content must offer replayability. There's nothing wrong with offering the player fun toys for completing challenges, but the challenges themselves should be fun instead of work.

Rather than seeing MMOs with no grind, I would rather see more MMOs with challenging and interesting gameplay. Instead of breaking free from the formula of grinding, break free from the formula of boring games.

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  1. Kari's Avatar
    I agree, grinding in MMOs is definitely required somewhere.
    However, when possible, I think it's better to have Quests to do to help as well.
    Games these days don't offer many Repeatable Quests [Repeatable as in infinite times.]

    Like I said, I don't mind grinding, but if the grinding is boring, it's not worth playing the game.
    Some games are very fun, even when grinding.
    Games with flashy skills, equipment, etc, tend to shine better for me in grinding aspects.
    If I can look cool/cute while killing stuff for hours on end, and be amused doing so, I would consider it a good game. :3

    Some other turn offs for grinding games, would be...
    Horrible, required grinding exp at low lvls.
    Skills that aren't very flashy. Having flashy skills at high lvls only can make a boring game to get to that point. IMO, flashy skills at low lvls, FLASHIER skills at high lvls.
    And of course, bad controls, or uncomfortable battle system.

    And for the record, I was indeed surprised. :3
    Posted 01-20-2009 at 10:02 PM by Kari Kari is offline
  2. Yay for point-and-click grinding games with 2 quests per 20 levels and a max level of 500. o.o

    I like more goal oriented stuffs. Lunia actually has an "end" at the end of stages. Which is a change. And the max level is more or less achievable. o.o
    Posted 01-21-2009 at 10:19 PM by buta buta is offline
  3. Kari's Avatar
    imo, the best MMO ever, -for me-, would be...
    An MMO where the max level increases with each big update.
    The game could start with a max lvl of 100, then within 10 years if it's still around and being played, they could have just gotten a content update for the max lvl to be 1260.
    And it would increase over and over.

    Yes, the game might get a bit repetitive, but MMO designers manage to figure out a way around that somehow.
    As far as I figure it, if they had full content for lvls 1 to 100 to start with...
    From there they could work on more stuff for lvls 1 to 100, and then when someone is, say, 90, then they could work on lvls 100 to 110/120.
    Work on the content that's going to be required to continue playing,
    Maybe someday there'd finally be an end. A final cap...
    And to be able to say you made it that far? Pretty amazing.

    Of course with a system like that, PVP would be quite different...
    My assumption would be, multiple types of PVP.
    Level-Based, Free for All, and a special mode where your Level is temporarily changed, and you're either given temporary gears or you're able to use your personal gears, depending on the mode.

    Of course this is all just brain storming...
    I'm sure there's many flaws in all that, especially considering how late it is for me. :3
    Posted 01-22-2009 at 01:45 AM by Kari Kari is offline
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