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between friends

Posted 10-22-2008 at 07:01 AM by m1s3ri
When a friend comes to talk, and you have these three choices:

1. ignore them
2. lie to them
3. hurt them

... what horrible things to have to choose from. It's not even a chastising, correcting hurt; not lies to protect their feelings... and ignoring them would be a purely selfish action.

How do you make the right choice? Is there a right choice? How do I manage to put myself in these situations? What can I do about them? There's just no end of questions, really. A great way to paralyze oneself with fear--something that I've been told the solution to before, yet no longer can remember.

Oh, and damn my tendency to put depressing subjects into overdramatic language. It doesn't deserve the effort.

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  1. Lie! Do itttt!!!...but do it well - if they find out u lied,well, fcuk

    Each person lives in a subjective reality as we all have "flaws" in interpreting the world around us so..... if u can lie well enough, these lies soon become truths to the people you lie to and perhaps u can avoid hurt
    u might say that it creates a false illusion for the person you lied to... but I have yet to know someone that knows the absolute truth - we all live in some sort of an illusion I guess : /

    And you forgot
    4. Sneeze on them and change the topic <= this works miracles
    Posted 12-06-2008 at 11:57 AM by Yuopseicha Yuopseicha is offline
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