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Blog Secondo! Parts and Counterparts.

Posted 03-29-2010 at 02:37 PM by LolJaen
Hello Readers...

Yet again i blog, This is a bit fun in a way.
Again forgive me for my novice mistakes.

Ohkay, Today has been a interesting day so far .I woke up quite early 6am and decided to eat breakfast, which is -lolomg- for me at least. I don't usually have the time to eat breakfast. Raisan Bran and Trix are the best cereals. imo. I then proceeded to do my daily 20 min run. I got back and showered. I then cleaned my room and got dressed. ...Ohkay time for the boring stuff to end xD. My dog scared me today, I woke up to her barking. It was creepy cause she was barking in my room, so i am like -wtf- what's wrong? It seems there was some commotion outside my window. Do not know what it was about tho. For those that don't know i am in Spring Break /o/; therefore i have too much time sometimes and result in doing stuff like ... writing a blog xD. I'm trying to watch 2 movies a day, but i have run out of good ones. Help Please? I'm into Romantic Comedies, :[ Oh guys i forgot to mention, I'm a complete sucker for strawberry stuff :[ it's a guilty pleasure i suppose.

Onto other matter's : [ La Tale ]
It seems i cannot completely quit the game for some odd reason. I've tried many times, with no avail :[.well today i decided to start playing casually on my -Guardian ; Tithe- It should be fun i suppose.

Mhmm that is all i have so far... yeah my life can be somewhat boring at times xD

Oh Guys i forgot to mention! About two days ago i went bowling with a few friends. A bit of advice, DO NOT Drink and Bowl ; Lol. I accidentally bowled on a different lane where other people were playing.

Yet again, Sorry for all the jumping around.

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