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Posted 01-09-2012 at 12:53 PM by Lime
Updated 01-09-2012 at 01:00 PM by Lime

Look at how long its been since i posted in this blog, its easy to see how much my posts slowed down over the years and how evident it was i had ran out of ideas with time.

Looking back at my older posts, I can feel that I changed, life's burdens took a bit of that sparkle out of me, and everyday is full of worries and judgements.

Can't even play my games anymore without thinking about other stuff.

Being able to play with a clear mind is something i really.... really miss. Financial problems, looking for a job. burdens by family and all.

I want to make every effort to get the old me back... that means figuring out a plan to get things in order.

There is one glaring issue in my face right now. I see my dad, i see what the years of working, having little to no time to himself has done. He's become grouchy, a pessimist even. Not even having the money he's earned able to do more than just pay the bills to keep that roof over his head.

I don't want to end up like him. I don't. I want to still be me. I WILL, be me. I'll do whatever I can to avoid having to 'work' like he did. At the very least, getting a good enough job so that I at least have money to look forward to.

I'm still learning the stock market. just did a trade that earned me about 30$. Not much, but the important part is its 30$ I didn't have to work 3-4 hours for. Only a half hour of clicking and waiting at the most.

Its been said that the 'Industrial Age' of the Economy (factories and 9-5 job) ended in america. and now the 'Internet Age' is at hand. I'm willing to believe this. I work in a store that offers only 1 full time job that's a real 40 hours, 1 'full' time job that is STRICTLY limited to 35 hours (what a joke) and 2 20-25 hour a week jobs. Since i started working, the hours they give has only dwindled.

So that's 2 full time jobs and 2 part times for one building. and that's it, that's all this place provides to our community. AND ITS PART OF A MAJOR CHAIN. isn't that SAD?

So, I'm going to defeat this crappy economy. I'm MORE than willing to look into a google adsense account and learning just why so many companies advertise online (and want to censor it so they don't need to spend so much money on all these different sites for ad space.) What kind of website will I make? Well, just know it won't be some phoned in junk. It's gonna be something I love to do. and its that love that I feel will reach the audience and keep people coming back.

Lastly, I'll sit in front of this screen for days at a time if I have to, studying how to operate photoshop and accustom myself to tablet drawing to become a graphic designer. I've slacked so bad in the past. I have a lot of lost time to make up for. I HAVE to push myself. I'll freelance hard one day.

I'm also gonna have to work out. if I want people to think i can make good ads, I'll have to look good. Fair right.

I've made mistakes before, I been lazy when i shouldn't. I'm going to push myself. Things change. I Begin Here.

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