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OMG i Fell behind on that Meme Thing!

Posted 03-26-2011 at 08:15 PM by Lime

I will do 2 today to catch up and make up for this madnesss.

gimme a break i recently had a birthday QQ

Cousins came over, we played 007 Nightfire for the GC and SSBB.

007 was fun, even if it is dated, we played a team match against hax statted bots and barely won, then we all turned on each other in a sniper only match in a Ravine map. We had such rediculous standoffs, at one point we were just trying to snipe each other at melee range.

My oldest cousin got trolled so hard in SSBB though. in 2matches he made it to sudden death, and BOTH times he lost because a bomb omb spawned right when he was attacking. lol'd so hard.

Day 01: 10 things about you
Day 02: 10 things you love
Day 03: 10 things you hate
Day 04: 10 things you want to say to one person

Day 05: 10 wishes
Day 06: 10 items you can't live withoutDay 07: 10 important people
Day 08: 10 of your favorite songs
Day 09: 10 ways to win your heart
Day 10: Final 10 words.


10 Wishes.

1: To find my old Secret Of Mana instruction book. I love that game that much.

2: To not need to work for a living anymore.

3: Completed Pokemon B/W National Dex. as in all caught!

4: To be taller than my other cousins.

5: Mind Reading Ablity

6: Power of Flight.

7: A kitten that can shoot lasers.

8: 100% accuracy when playing FPS

9: To know everything in the universe

and the biggest wish.

10: Fi-Os internet for Holy crap ping no matter what game i play.


10 Items i can't live without.

1: Pizza

2: Laptop

3: Razor

4: DS/PSP any kind of handheld

5: Something to tell time with.

6: My underwater base.


8: Glasses.

9: Pajamas

10: Money (derp.)

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