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Lunatia's LaTale #7 (Lv.69-80) a.k.a. "A LaTale Of 12 Days"

Posted 08-20-2009 at 08:33 AM by Lime
Updated 06-19-2012 at 05:52 PM by Lime
Victory Road.

Last 11 Levels.

I took the advice of a pro named Lilica and skill resetted to stack magic accuracy, to make my time at navies easier.

It paid off.
I bought 7 peach cans in my impatience, i had done this 3 times before, and this 4th time was taking the cake. People seem to care less about KSing than they did 6 months ago.

I have good friends though, so the idiots don't matter. I grinded on anyhow.

70! 71! 72!

Going quicker than i ever did before, it just felt so boring, and my motivation just kept falling; had a feeling what it was too.

At 73, I had some guildie visitors! <3

Being attacked by a Navy doesn't matter when you're surrounded by Tanks.

It was fun~ and when they left i kept questing on to 74 boredly.

I freaking HATE QUESTS!

Ya see, ever since i got to work on this char, i hadn't done much interaction in the game; little bossing, next to no chatting with friends/guildies or not even any "taking it easy". Just me and my mission.

Sounds cheesy yes, but if you play this game alone you'll go bored quickly, people make it worth the trouble. =o that's why i found this go around to 80 more boring than the last, i ignored everyone more than before.

The day i was supposed to hit 77 i ended up staying at 74.


So i could has racing! I lost each time! =D

Next day, i was back on track motivation returned and it was all a questin and grindan!

I hit the FREEWAY. I got my red dragon set, made sure it was stacked with hp and stamina stats! cause it helps a mage to play up to their strengths! ;D and with Earth, it's about being a better tank!

Unleashing the hidden secret OP combination dagger and wind skill only known as... AssassinDaggerCutter. Ish pro.
The tanking advantages of earth was full force here! o-o always a nice mob for my dragons to hit the most targets and stone armor made near invincible.

Man, the running around for mobs though... oy.

I pressed on to 78! Quested a bit to soften up the grind after using up all my peach cans... I continued on till 79.

It's often said the toad island quests, from neps to lizardmen to rabana himself are pretty much a free lv 80.

Ever had a awesome lv 120 Warlord to help with those quests? o-o well it's quite awesome let me tell you. I owe him!

I played wif my dragons as he keeled up the lizards! yaaay~
Once he was done =D i took it to myself... to finally finish what i started... 12 days of grinding coming to it's conclusion; the inevitable level 80. Lilliput quests still available, i took them on solo. and within the hour...

There i was! =] It was time to finally float become a sorcerer!!!

D: Time to face the goblin machine... i always found it fun though! So close to floating!!! Sorcery!!!

>.< sorry i didn't crop these guys btw.


Mission success!!!! I achieved it! Done and Done! I can float now!

I mean become a so- aw forget it ill just admit it. one of the main reasons i chose sorc over bard is that a floating sorcerer just looks sexy and awesome KAY? kay.

=D There it is, a story of 80 levels, yes i shall admit, using astros made the process a lot easier, but in the end, it's the people who make this game fun actually and OGP can't charge you for that and god help us all if they try to.

12 days! Began August 6th, finished August 18th. It's the fastest i did it. Does it mean anything about any other player's leveling speed? No, it doesn't. we all come from different walks of life, some have more free time, some have less. Even i was particularly advantaged cause my job slowed down in hours there for a bit. And There are people who can do it in 6 days and some in just 3! But in trying to get there quicker i am happy at my own personal best.

Thank you all for bothering to read Lunatia's Tale. :3 It's been fun seeing the view counts go up and knowing someone knows about my little quest. I finally got 4 characters of all 4 original classes. (Knight,Wizard,Warrior and Explorer) to level 80, and having experience in them all now, i feel i know which i wish to stay with.

Sadly, it won't be LunatiaSilver, though i did have a lot of fun with her and ill always have someone to play in LaTale should i ever need a break from my Guardian, Whom i have chosen to stick with. Whos to say i won't one day change my mind though?

Thank you all again for reading! <3 In my excitement of finally being able to float however... it seems i have forgotten something...

See you guys again~

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