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Lunatia's LaTale #5 (50-60) a.k.a. "My god did i quest."

Posted 08-15-2009 at 07:45 PM by Lime
Updated 06-19-2012 at 05:48 PM by Lime

It all started after i hit 52 after grinding on super pigs. no longer able to use xp nostrums. (my life blood) I took a look at all the quests i stocked up from 40-52 from grinding purely on piggies, and i realized something.

Holy carp did i have a lot of them. maybe i should change things up and do them.

But hey! i better be selective in doing them!! not all of them are worth it. I picked the easy ones and ones with a exp payout worth the trouble (compared to pure grinding it). gotta be efficient :3

I found all the dark forest quests and stacked them all together and did them at once, cause watching the exp roll in all at once is entertaining +w+b nothing like seeing your exp bar roll up 40 or more % in 2 minutes.

Yeah, i hurried up too, who wants to stare at THESE insane mo-fos for long? ...I wouldn't leave my kids around anyone with a smile like that. Dark Forest exp was a tad on the low side but i had saurus field quests in the same stack.

Yew never gonna catch meeeee~

Hahahaha. you think this is funny? Have you ever been walking through your local neigborhood and had a giant deformed foot try to crush you? It's not a pleasant experience need i tell you!

Oh, i'd like to do every latale player a world of good and say one thing. the quests that require bronto lean meat and bronto foot bone ARE NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE! IT IS A SCAR ON THE BEAUTY OF QUESTING. They're horribly time consuming to kill. hands down. If i saw a live bronto, thanks to the experiences i had in latale, i'd shoot the darn thing in the face even if it could talk and bake perfect chocolate chip cookies. ._.

Seriously, you can make way more exp just grinding the stegos. and if you DO grind stegos, ignore lone bronto feet, you'll make way more exp over time ignoring them as much as possible....

Elfa quests were far more entertaining.

Skele whacking, skull collecting. Half-Dead Zombies being made All-Dead and making dolls out of ugly things. it was all in all a great break from grinding!

Gimme yur leather noob.

Level 52-58, as opposed to my pure grinding, was pure questing, and simply put, i hate stopping grinding to do one quest then run back to grinding, but when i do them all at once, its an enjoyable experience! and i reccomend anyone who normally jumps at quests the moment they're available to hold on and let them build up!

Yah, Dragon > Dinosaur. Srry Micheal Crichton. =\ you should have written about them!

I had to hit stegos again for level 58. felt fast since it was just one level. Once i was 59 i was excited though >.< Spriggan Quests... and the two mimic quests... both , in all 3 cycles, plus the exp from just killing them was practically a free level for me!

O= Bam! level 60 i was!!! and we all know what that brings about.

Waves of mana rip through the ground and the spirit of the earth is stirred by her calling...

2 heavy hits to kb mobs. and with the number that is knocked back; it's almost as defensive as it is offensive.

Ill need it every bit for the demons known as... crabs...

Don't expect much out of the next tale... nothing but grinding ahead i warn you...

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