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Lunatia's Latale #4 (Lv. 35-50) a.k.a. "God im so sick of Pigs now."

Posted 08-12-2009 at 01:05 PM by Lime
Updated 06-19-2012 at 05:47 PM by Lime
Hi again peoples, I can summarize the following blog in 2 words;

"I Grinded"

I stuck with Tigers for for about 1 more level. and showed those meanies how brave i was.


Then i took to pwning those silly Kappas, and Poor Flunk out Ninjas... I like their quotes...

but i don't get one...

[Flunk-Out Ninja]: I hate youth time.

Wth is that? i am interested in this youth time...

But then i got a really great opportunity, the chance to battle shaowee at level 37 with a guildie! O= we let two awesome Warriors deal with Hyunmu hehe.

Then we brought shaowee some mage pain, while possessed by hyunmu... we wanted those treasures... she wouldn't stop us...

Weak human, taste hyunmu's power...

At level 37, Shaowee is scary. she could possibly waste me with 4-5 hits. Good thing there was a lv 50ish mage tank there for me. Wind + Earth = Hurted shaowee.

Ya then some Kazno noob stopped us from killing her. wat a joykill. =\

The scenario at that level brought me 40 or so %! o-o Holy carp.

Afterwards... i killed kappas till 39... and hit a golden leveling era... the magical land of Toad Island... <3 where levels from 40-50 are gained in an hour-2hours just solo.

How sweet it is.

Oh yeah, you can tell i was there for a while as seen in the screenie.

But man, life gets easy at lv 40, specially for a Earth Mage with Dagger Filler. (=

-Twin Dragons-

It spans out directly in front, with good range too. It has a high balance factor. Basically when maxed you'll KB the heck out of mobs. And with it i learned a bit more about earth wizardry. With stone armor and Earth's consistent knockbacks it was made of tanking mobs. Stone armor only lowers damage by a set amount, but the hp you save adds up with each new monster. Earth attacks kb at a high rate as well which also saves some damage too. It also works well for playing hit and run on mobs too, since it has range and is good at KBs.

Dagger Rain!

Bam, part of the mob takes a bit more damage and quickly at that. like srsly, it's pretty fast. hit and run on mobs work nicely with the throw tree now.

However, the throw tree is so fast I worry about my level 60 earth spell not having enough time to cool down. =\ Ill find out if earth needs the melee tree like fire does soon enough...

So yeah.. i killed pigs... a lot of freaking pigs...

I wonder; If Pig = Bacon... does Super Pig = Super Bacon? Mmmm.... super bacon...


And... ill be there till 55, till i can handle strong stegos solo... that's the plan for now... (=

Hopefully i won't be insane by next time. Later.

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  1. Moar's Avatar
    Oh how i wish piggies existed when i was your age level.
    Posted 08-13-2009 at 08:51 AM by Moar Moar is offline
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