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LaTale to 80! -Introduction-

Posted 08-05-2009 at 02:14 PM by Lime
Updated 12-01-2011 at 10:53 PM by Lime
Hello person who stumbled across my blog.


How ya doin?

How's the kids?

Did you do everything you said you were gonna do yesterday?

No... im j.k im not stalking you, chill.

I am, Lime. Name was given to me by my LaTale Guild, FrenchBread! Ever so nice to meet chu.

My past MMO resume consists of games such as Maple Story, Trickster Online, Grand Chase, Luna Online and maybe 1 or two i never really got into and forgot.

Nevertheless, moving on, at this time of writing i'm age 21. I'm a guy in case the name throws anyone off. However; online where it barely matters i do display gender ambiguous behavior so do exercise caution with me. <3

Why? well, I think that stemmed from some players in the games i played actually thought i might have been a girl in RL cause according to them i was just "too nice"? Whatever the devil that means. I've been asked on multiple occasions on several games...though originally feeling the obligation to change to prevent that or w.e, i eventually just adapted, and even one day began making female characters. Something i originally wouldn't dare have done when i was new to MMOs.

My personality though is pretty much the same... generally considered nice, but a temper can flare out at unjustified mistreatment, in game or RL. Conversing with me will also reveal i live more in my thoughts, more than reality. Well, that's what my boss at work said when i told her how this job would be less boring if zombies or pirates attacked on occasion... (was gonna say Ruby Weapon but im 90% sure they haven't played FFVII)

Now that i have my personality out of the way ill move on.

Now that life is getting busier, it's time i spent less on video games like i used to and focused on more important things with it. All my recreational spending is now on these free to play MMOs. I used to play several at once, but now i really can't pull that off, so i chose to stick to one, and for once achieve max level in one.

I have chosen LaTale for that very purpose.

I've also made the choice to get the main 4 classes up to level 80, and once there to pick one char and stick with it through the whole game. Though Engineers came out of nowhere and made this goal seem far less epic. ._.

It's been fun, and so far i've got 3/4 to the class promotion.

I only have one left though; the wizard class. And i'd like to share her story of getting to 80. (= Hopefully readers will get a very good idea of what first job in latale is like and i one day hope to see new players referred to this as a good read.

Her name is LunatiaSilver, and she's gonna be my Earth Sorcerer to be!

Comments, ideas i should add to each blog update? pm me or post comments here.

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  1. HolyAbyssal's Avatar
    Pie is more of a trap than chu. \o/
    Posted 08-08-2009 at 09:58 AM by HolyAbyssal HolyAbyssal is offline
  2. Lime's Avatar
    Yeah... i know. I only heard it about 2 million times.

    :P it's funny cuz he's not even really trying.
    Posted 08-10-2009 at 06:58 AM by Lime Lime is offline
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