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The Case of the Overly Dramatic Internet Dwellers: SOLVED!

Posted 11-30-2009 at 06:51 PM by LilPhenyl
Updated 11-30-2009 at 10:28 PM by LilPhenyl
This is another food for thought type of essay. It's also a homework assignment. It's an essay where I address any issue, small or not, and give some reasoning to it. However, I can't give factual reasoning. (IE: This is why people do it and here's statistics!) I chose to do it in the form of a very informal/loose cause and effect essay with "feed back" from the "reader".

Please give comments and point out any mistakes. I just typed this all here once my lessons were over. Any grammatical errors? Did you like it? Was it sort of entertaining? Etc.

Here we go!

Ever since the invention of the internet, communication has been much easier. As such, strangers from around the world can communicate with each other; whether it be through Myspace or even an MMORPG. However, why are these places filled with drama? The answer is simple! Everyone wants to be heard.

When you're online and get in a fight, what's your first reaction? I bet it was to fight right back. Don't try to lie. We've all gotten into at least ONE fight. The normal person who checks emails and says superficial things on Facebook, Myspace, etc are less likely to get into fights. But people who use forums are usually people who spend more time on the internet. This way of internet-dwelling gives more time gaps for "drama" to occur.

"Oh Dr. Phenyl, WHY does it occur?!"

I do know. Or not, what the hell do I know? Do I look like a certified Internet Doctor to you?

My (non)professional opinion is this: there's two sides to everything. One might deem a comment to be offensive, when the author meant for it to be a joke. Or perhaps it was meant to be helpful, but it was done distastefully by the reader's standards. Whatever the case may be, the reader did not like it. Then they respond saying they didn't like it in their own little way. Sometimes it's done subtly, other times it's done obnoxiously.

"Oh, Not-A-Dr. Phenyl, if there's two sides, then both are right, right?!"

Yes and no.


Indeed, sh*t has just got real.

Sometimes it's obvious that one side is right when an unbiased party reads the argument. Other times it's very hard to decide. One will believe he or she is in the right, meaning the other person must be wrong. That's never the case. There is always a gray area between all that black and white. If people were more understanding, then things would get resolved a lot quicker in a smooth fashion.

"Hey! I can understand English just fine. I think you're a Jerk Doctor. Like the kind who went to college to become a jerk... You... Jerkish... Jerk."

I don't mean JUST that kind of understanding, I mean the mushy kind of understanding that cheesy talk show hosts talk about. You must get where the other person comes from before responding. Otherwise the fight is invalid, since you are inept of accepting the other person for being... Well, a human-being. If you're face to face with a person, you instantly notice that they are another individual... Most of the time. Over the internet, it's very hard to put a face to something that's communicates with typed words.

"Uh. Okay. Well, they don't bother to understand me, then! F*ck the other person!"

Who's to say if they did or not? Be the bigger person and just try to get where they're coming from before responding. Don't insult them, since that puts you in the wrong. If the person is extremely irrational, just end the conversation professionally. Never call them an idiot, jerk, troll and so on. That just means they won, and it makes you look very silly as well as very immature.

"Not insult them? Then what the hell am I suppose to do?"

Confront them if need be, but first make sure if there needs to be an argument. Chances are there isn't a need for a fight, so just agree to disagree. This can be done by being civil... AKA: being nice. If the person is unruly and immature, this will just make them even more flustered. It's not your job to settle them down. If they don't listen to reason, you can frustrate them more, while easing yourself down. It sounds like a jerk-move, but it still makes you a mature person. In fact, it's the best way to teach immature idiots a lesson.

"Ooooooooo! You just insulted someone! You said it's bad!"

Sometimes something insulting can be said, but not be meant as an insult. It can be a label, or it could be a misuse of words due to the many language barriers out there. If you're calm and collected, insults won't get to you. As a result, no insults should come from you either. Again, this would make you a mature person since you can understand the difference between an intentionally insult and one done by mistake.

"I still never got why wanting to be heard makes people overly dramatic. I think you're BSing me here!"

Well, if you read carefully and thought about my silly opinion, then you may have got it. If my opinion means squat, then you're obviously riding another train of thought. Neither of us are wrong, but neither of us are totally right. Anyway, people want to be heard without thinking about what the other person wants. As such, it becomes a shouting match. The person who yells the loudest MUST be right, in many internet-dwellers' minds. However, that's not true. Ever.

"Wait. Not right... EVER?! You're a hypocrite!"

Remember when I said "sometimes it's obvious that one side is right" or some such? Well, this is one of those cases. Being an obnoxious jerk never makes you right. Being professional about every conversation doesn't make you right either. It might even make you seem a bit stiff and boring. But it's always nice to have someone who's "really mature" around.

"Then what does make my opinion right?"

Nothing if there aren't facts to back up a claim. An opinion is not a fact, so looks like you just need to believe in what you say and make sure you're not acting on anger. If everyone followed that simple bit of advice, then the internet (as well as the world) would be a less dramatic place. Wouldn't you agree?

-end of essay-
^ Insert your response to my last question^

Thanks for reading, if you did. I know it's a ridiculous subject matter... But meh.

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  1. 7hatGuy's Avatar
    Yarg, I agrees! Carrot!

    It's just my personality, but there are quite a few times when I said something jokingly and was taken as an insult (like here on this forum... I'M LOOKING AT YOU RED REP!).

    Personally I'm a really laid back guy. I never really half mean for alot of things to be serious, but people sure do take it that way. If people get into a fight with me (and oh yes, there have been quite a few), I usually keep my calm. Because hey, the person making themself look like an idiot/flamer/troll/<insert other internet denizen> is the person that's trying to take skin off my bones. With words. Typed. FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO SEE!

    Also, if people read the article and are half interested, I present article here. Leave your comment first before you read since it eats your time like a black hole! Clicky!
    Posted 11-30-2009 at 07:43 PM by 7hatGuy 7hatGuy is offline
  2. PedroRomero's Avatar
    i agree. i thought this was a fun essay
    Posted 12-01-2009 at 10:31 PM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
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