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You're "Mature", hmmmmm?

Posted 11-12-2009 at 05:55 PM by LilPhenyl
Updated 11-12-2009 at 05:59 PM by LilPhenyl (Forgot to mention it's like a rant and junk!)
(Semi rant ahead.)

This isn't aimed at people who truly are mature. If you are, you probably don't run around reminding everyone that you are. On the count of you not having to state what you clearly are. This is about the people who say they are "mature" to make their points more valid or to justify their wrongdoings towards another. These people are also disgustingly prideful and the closest thing to "human trash" you will encounter on the web. Even trolls are better than them, due to the fact trolls aren't stupid asses by nature. In fact, every troll who I have gotten to know turned out to be funny/smart/decent people. I guess hating someone/holding a grudge based on a few actions is pretty retarded, amirite? (Cliche moral of the story? NO JUDGY PPL BY DERE COVRS N LERN 2 FORGIV LOLOLOL/offtopic)

Some folks on the web/in Latale get butthurt easily. To define butthurt: it's when someone has an adverse reaction to something someone says/does despite how bad it really is. Apparently, trying to help someone or giving an opinion warrants an insult. As does beating them in PVP or saying something slightly negative or sarcastic. These butthurt-folks tend to throw empty insults/KS, as well as make a note that they are college students, older than them, mature, etc. But if they were any of those things, shouldn’t they do the right thing and… Oh I don’t know… Not blow things out of proportion and stop crying? Or at least admit they’re wrong and apologize... Which they never do because of their irrational sense of pride gets in the way.

I recall all the times that someone confronted my friends and me to get some unnecessary “revenge”. Usually when someone throws an insult, I think the insults are for me. But it’s often for my friends(besides one time, then the person became my friend the next day). I’m a sarcastic and slightly mean-spirited person, so you’d THINK I’d be rubbing many people the wrong way… But it’s the NICEST of my friends that get all the flak somehow. I’m outraged; because I know my friends did not deserved to be harassed or KSed for 10-60 minutes (it happened EIGHT times over three months; the most recent one being today).

It seems these people claim they are “mature” just so everyone forgets they’re human-garbage for a brief moment. You know, before the onlookers think “Oh that’s right, a mature person is usually compliant, professional and never bashes others!” One could be civil towards these “mature folks”, but it would get him or her nowhere and bring forth more harassment. It’d just be easier to be a troll or disregard what they said and walk away. Though, that second option is rarely available in a game without logging off for a day or so.

I thought a game like Latale or a forum like GGFTW would be free of these "mature people", but looks like I was wrong. Oops, I forgot they were still on the interwebz. I could just ask for those kinds of people to swallow their pride and admit they're wrong. However, that'd make me a jerk since that's like asking them to choke themselves since their ego is too huge to swallow.

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  1. SOC's Avatar
    Well, most sarcastic people like you end up being targets of the "normal folks" that act very immature on the internet. I know when I was younger, sarcastic people on the internet really ticked me off and I had trouble handling them, because I was young and stupid. It's just a matter of maturity level as you say; but be sure not to provoke it. If you meow in heat, don't cry when you are ganged.

    Also, ggFTW is actually a much cleaner and nicer community than many, many others. (Ragnarok Online and MapleStory, to name a few, even the P2P FFXI can be pretty bad some times) but as with all free games, even La Tale is to have trouble, some times.

    Sit back, kick those socks off, and enjoy what you have here. It really is one of the best communities, IMO.

    And, I commend you for your level of understanding and determination in this topic, despite your age. ^^
    Posted 11-12-2009 at 06:56 PM by SOC SOC is offline
  2. LilPhenyl's Avatar
    I suppose the strict definition of "sarcasm" would annoy people. Since it's like being a jerk, but not meaning it. I'm on the more lighthearted side of the spectrum when it comes to sarcasm... So if it irks people, then chances are they don't fully understand that tactful use of the English language.

    To be honest, GGFTW is pretty good in terms of having a decent community sans a few derpahurps. There's many decent people in Latale as well, though there are quite a few bad apples. I'd take a typical narutard from Maple Story over those type of people any day.
    Posted 11-12-2009 at 09:02 PM by LilPhenyl LilPhenyl is offline
  3. Xyden's Avatar
    Claiming maturity is far from being a sign of maturity. The concept of maturity in reality develops beyond experience and works towards the extent of understanding. In order to properly, responsibly, and wisely determine what the right course of action is towards diverse situations for the better of something.
    So don't let it get to you at all. It is always the case that those rich in virtues are the ones that never self-proclaim their qualities. Rather they render them selflessly for the needs of others.
    Posted 11-13-2009 at 07:02 AM by Xyden Xyden is offline
  4. Matilda's Avatar
    We always need rotten apples in a basket to further highlight the sweet ones :> (I don't mean that we compare ourselves with the bad ones to make ourselves look good, but if there are rotten apples, naturally the good ones will stand out). They'll learn to be less irritating as time ticks, its really a hormone thing for some people. Or perhaps they need more brain juice.
    Posted 11-13-2009 at 09:58 AM by Matilda Matilda is offline
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