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Goal 2 - Training & Concerns for the future

Posted 06-24-2014 at 12:25 AM by Light
I received news a few days ago, that I've been accepted in the military summer program.
This will entail 6 weeks of basic training, with no obligation to join the forces after completion.

That's a comforting thought, because lately I've been having some reservations about my future within the forces. Including the future after performing the 4 year term.

How things go after the 6 weeks will ultimately determine if I can handle it. But even if I could, I'll still be setback by certain things that won't escape my mind.

What are those things? The problem is that a majority of bases are located over an hour away from any major city. With many bases located 3+ hours away from anything at all. This means that I'll have no social life outside of work. I'll have nothing to do, and nowhere to go.

Edit: Turns out there are many housing options available, including single members. As opposed to couples only. So I'll fortunately have a place to store my possessions, and kick up my feet in relaxation.

So the hardships of doing this job primarily stem from the severe isolation and insecurity. Things that wouldn't be a problem, if they had the air bases more reasonably close to civilization.

I'll be doing further research after the summer program, by asking dozens of questions. But so far, things look a bit bleak for the final goal. If that goes under, I'll hit up a local university to continue onward. Because I'll never give up my freedom to live my life in comfort, no matter how rewarding a job may be.

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