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Surgery all over again

Posted 01-31-2013 at 11:25 AM by Light
Anyone who was around two years ago may be familiar with my blog entry on my having surgery for a pilonidal cyst.

Since I had quit coming to ggftw a few months after that surgery I didn't specify how long it took to fully heal.

The projected healing time was 2 months.
The actual healing time was 10 months...

I've accomplished a fair bit after I healed up though, I've gotten a new job doing a mix of things such as Engineering, Inventory Management/Procurement and IT Technician work with a very nice income to pay the bills and make life a lot easier.

I would have eventually become a full Mechanical Engineer and making the big decisions... However as of September 2012 I've noticed that the son of a ***** had returned and that I suddenly couldn't do the physical work I could do previously.

It's rare for this condition to return a second time but I've had a history of getting things twice, like my tonsils and adenoids.

Everything came to a halt since November when the pain became unbearable and I was forced to work at home.

Since I caught this sucker early on it should take less time to heal, and I'm getting the surgery for it tomorrow.
However if it does take more than 2 months then I'm going to start cracking some skulls.

I've spent more time in bed than I ever thought I would and not for the right reasons.
Maybe if there was a girl there I could heal a lot faster, any girls here need the company of a nice kind hearted man? Anyone? Everyone here is a guy? Shit.

I must remind myself to start dating when I heal up since I've got my priorities straightened up and a girl to make things better is next on the list.

Till next time,

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