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Blargh. Dreamcast?

Posted 09-10-2010 at 02:27 AM by Lazarus
Random blog feature I noticed but never bothered to touch/try. It's been a while since I last used gg, I used it lots when LaTale was around, but eh, things died in the end. Was also part of one of the guilds in Atlantica Online. Fun game, now if only I had the hard drive space for it.
Since I wasn't really 'here', doubt anyone would remember me, but that doesn't matter.

What's important now is, the Sega Dreamcast's birthday! The irony in the timing with the celebration is when I 'made' this 'song'.
I'm trying to share it around. Just thinking back at the good times with the Sega Genesis, and then getting a Dreamcast for Christmas. It wouldn't have started without the Green Hill Zone, either.

Shameless advertising! Ahem...back on with the topic of...something.

For now, I Lunia with my friend, but the way Ijji wrote the story's script/scenes, the It ruins what emotion the game originally had. Sure, it's better then Lache, and Rashe, and Rache. But, still... I don't want your emotes or internets where it's not needed!

Being raised by games and anime, it gave me a sense of...creativity. Imagining scenes in an emotional way. I had to keep skipping scenes because I couldn't bear it. Where's the sense of drama? Where's the proper emotions? It's text, not voice clips! I understand the fail English clips, but to ruin simple text?! /rage

That and, with JLunia clips, I was bored, so I decided to make Krieg into Kongman from ToD, funny stuff.

That and, there's no defending the English way, not at all. 'I'll protect you if you become my friend'?! Go ahead, try to defend that. You loner! That's not even close to a mistranslation, that's just straight down emorific.

Oh well, that's what the US usually is/usually does. Good quality dubs and translations are rare. Even fans do better, and they're fans!

Moving on, random use of twitter, fun with eSnips, and 'making' music. I don't know how to get any word spread to get people to listen to my 'songs'. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?!

And games these days have been getting boring. S4, for example, is QQtastic. Why can't idiots be like normal players and keep it to themselves? It's hard not to smartass them, and on that note, I'm a complete dumbass. When you have an idiot being a smartass, that's a bit sad.

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