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My turn huh?

Posted 01-16-2009 at 06:37 AM by Freezi
So what has Freezi been up to this week?

Right: Nothing. I barely visited MMOG and I didnt even play Latale. The reasons for that are my job which makes me feel like
I dont want to do anything in the afternoon and some personal stuff like: Seeing my girlfriend, helping my mom where I can since her feet is hurt, smartphone broke down -> warranty pls.

Well so much to me, next topic:
LaTale :D

The other CMs already posted about the new update and whats in it and I feel like most people really like!
And so do I! Crafting is a great feature (even if it takes for ever to lvl up for a no-timer like me...) which gives great opportunities to everyone. There will be a new market now.
Since my Weapon Crafting is only lvl1 so far, I can only craft those beginner weapons. If you want to tell the community what your craft is, use this thread: [URL=""]Whats your craft?[/URL]

Upcoming stuff:
Theres something I do not like about our forum section: the lack of good guides for beginners and pros.
Thats why I am planning to held a Guide Competition / Event / Thingie :D . I still have to talk to the other CMs about it but I guess you sheld except to see it around the forums soon ;)

Have Fun playing LaTale!




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  1. Haru's Avatar
    I know I've promised to do the DMP scenario quest with you and Pho, but I've already done it with Lunar and Andz. Sorry Freezi! T_T
    Posted 01-18-2009 at 11:26 PM by Haru Haru is offline
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