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LaTale the refining slave!

Posted 01-10-2009 at 01:15 PM by LaTale
[COLOR=royalblue]T-t-the slave is r-reporting for duty... -shiver-[/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]Nah, just kidding~ As you all know(As as Authentic said.) we got crafting to LaTale! Hurray! It means awesome amors, rings, earrings, weapons, bobbings, ores and potion mixing! Double hurray! I wanted Alchemy, mixing your potions... Oh joy! However, Noob me had other thoughts. Also, they removed the Reset book for the crafing. So for the moment I have to go around and Refine to people. Not complaining though~ So far I've become a slave for about 2 people, the we have my entire guild. Gosh, Oti's gonna lose her arms by all that crafting. D8[/COLOR]

[I][COLOR=royalblue]I've been workin' on the raaail road, All the live long daaay~[/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR=royalblue]After a friend in the guild had asked me to join him in some mining, I went away on my own to discover and remove my own ability. Because of that, I met Authentic! (I should stalk you more often. :v ) That sneaky thing made me into a refining slave. :I My life as a slave has begun... But before I can start being a slave, I need material. I swear, I've never kill'd som many pudding bunnies(Pirirings) in my entire time playing this game at the same time. Plus, this is the next most amout of people I've ever seen on the Piriring map. (Record: Closed Beta. I'm suprised that I didn't lag back then.) I must have millions of Pudding bunnie souls behind my back.[/COLOR]

[I][COLOR=royalblue]The victims are choosen...[/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR=royalblue]However, as a small thank you for being a slave, I got some equipment from Authentic! Pretty in blue a say! Hopefully Frezzi and sanichi have choosen accessory and weapon crafting. Then we will become and unstoppable CM troope! Ohohohoho![/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]I wish however that I had more space in my bag. I need to stop saving equipment. :[ -nomorespaceleft-[/COLOR]

[I][COLOR=royalblue]We're pretteh, Oh so pretteh~[/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR=royalblue]After refining for some other people I decided to go to the new town. Lilliput! But, to get there, you need to get thorugh the jungel. And going through the jungel when you're only level 50+ isn't a easy task I tell you... I must have at least lot 10% of my EXP until I had to ask I friend to help me there. Curse you totems and Kukuri. D8<[/COLOR]

[I][COLOR=royalblue]8 against 1! Unfair![/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR=royalblue]After some jumping, running and cherry potion using I finally came to Lilliput. When entering I got a Rare item drop buff! Awesome![/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]Everything there was.. so small... so tiny.. and so unbelievable cute! This is my favorite town so far! If I could I would stay there 24/7, however I'm so low in level, so I can't directly do anything there. Kinda sad. However, I'll drop off there when I become level 70/80~ <3 Can't wait~[/COLOR]

[I][COLOR=royalblue]Must... Resist... Cuteness... and... Tinyness...[/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR=royalblue]I'm really looking forward to next update~ More cool stuff to play with FTW! See ya' next time sweeties~[/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]Also, I swear I'm gonna go and level! D8>[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4169e1][I]Bai bai~[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=royalblue][B]Authentic ver.[/B][/COLOR]
[URL=""][COLOR=royalblue]New Content![/COLOR][/URL]

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  1. Authentic's Avatar
    Haha that second picture is awesome, martians ftw!

    See! I told you everything in Lilliput was HUGE!
    Posted 01-10-2009 at 02:50 PM by Authentic Authentic is offline
  2. Authentic's Avatar
    You made me sound so gross.

    "That sneaky thing" - Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :<

    Yus! Sanichi and Freezi need to fight over who goes Weapon/Accessory crafter. ;D The fifth Latale CM [if we ever get one] doesn't get a choice in crafting type, they're required to go alchemist. >:3
    Posted 01-10-2009 at 04:47 PM by Authentic Authentic is offline
  3. LaTale's Avatar
    Lol, whoops.

    If he/she isn't... We'll just force him/her to become an Alchemist or we can just pretend that he/she is an Alchemist. :3
    Posted 01-11-2009 at 04:27 AM by LaTale LaTale is offline
  4. Sandrie's Avatar
    Oooh, there's a LaTale blog? cool 8D

    I know your pain on getting mobbed (4rd pic), anytime 3 or 4 monsters happen to notice me I'm likely to be on the ground shortly after >_>
    Posted 01-11-2009 at 12:46 PM by Sandrie Sandrie is offline
  5. Cornlito's Avatar
    lol Auth, you are a sneaky thing >:3
    well i found this one to be funner to read than the others, plus getting mob sucks, though i have such terrible luck/reflexs i usually get out alive from them. (plus i bring a meat shield with me.)
    Posted 01-13-2009 at 07:57 PM by Cornlito Cornlito is offline
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