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LaTale Engineer time!

Posted 07-14-2009 at 10:05 AM by LaTale
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Everyone knows that for some days ago the new class Engineer came to LaTale. So, I decided to create a new character and try the class.

I've gotten my character to Level 15 so far, but I do like to play as an engineer. It's kinda ood, being a spear warrior and all, but it's fun~ The SP pretty much SUCKS but I'm pretty much used to that. >.> Engineers isn't that hard to control, but you'll have to learn the technique of using your skills and attacks. For example I attack this way: Fire turret, Machine Gun, Z, Z, Machine Gun, Fire turret and so on. I have to say that it work quite good, but that might be only me.

[I][SIZE=1]Dirt have never tasted better.[/SIZE][/I]

I'm having it a rather easy time when It come to leveling, for once whenever I look up on my exp bar I go "HOLY CRAP, THAT MUCH ALREADY!?". Wehn being a warrior it felt like it took forever. I kinda wish it took this fast to level my warrior. Only 15 more levels til' class change... (I'm such a lazy bum.) I really like the skills so far and I can't waint until I'm level 20-25, Two new skills and more robots to build!
I'll need more SP/Combo potions then... ._.

[I][SIZE=1]Taste the power of a machine nerd![/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]
I also accidently got into a PvP match, I was gonna write and then someone decided to challenge me when I pressed enter, go figure out the rest.
Anyway, the fight was agains a Crossbow Travler, I really hate fighting agains Travelers, they have a better range then me when it come to attacks. Though, they aren't that hard. Though, in the middle of the fight the guy says "[I]No resting and [B][U]no fire turrets[/U][/B][/I]". DUDE! My class pretty much [I]depends[/I] on those turrents! Don't go and forbid stuff like that, it's almost like forbidding you using your crossbow! D:
Anyway, when it were about 2 min left of the fight the dude says "Nappi time" and sits down. I'm an honest person, I don't attack people who don't fight back. So I sat myself down on the ground and waited til' the PvP match was over, I won with one kill. o:[/COLOR]

[/COLOR][I][SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]For being a Engineer I did quite go- WTF NO FIGHT POINTS?! WTFFFFFF-[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][COLOR=RoyalBlue]

So far, I like being a Engineer, but I doubt that it's an class for everyone. But it's worth trying out~ If you ever need someone to play with, just ask me~



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  1. LaTale's Avatar
    I know the reason, I was just being silly~ ;o
    Posted 07-30-2009 at 01:15 PM by LaTale LaTale is offline
  2. Ill play with you when my latale actually works
    Posted 05-29-2010 at 07:57 PM by Theo351 Theo351 is offline
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