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LaTale is Lafailing me.

Posted 04-24-2009 at 12:38 PM by LaTale

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]xTrap. So. Annoying!
It have been like this the whole week. the worst is that I can't seem to fix it, not matter what I do. Insall, reinstall, restart the computer, delete files, make new ones.
Nothing seems to work.
I've mailed OGP about this problem two times and they answered really quickly and was very nice to me~ <3
How ever, so far I haven't had any results. I probably have to uninstall and redownload the whole game again. Aw man so annoying.
the weird thing is, that I can get it to work temporary for one day. I uninstall it, reinstall it, put in the manual xTrap patch(even though OGP told me it was outdate. (If I got it right.)) and it will work for a day.
Then the next day, same error.
I believe that there is something worng with my computer, it seems that it "forgets" stuff.
For example: When I log in here I click on "Remember me" but when I restart the computer it will forget me here.

And joy to us level 50+, Saurus fields is here! (What a timing for the error to come for me then. :v) I have to say that I really love the music there~ It's kinda funny~ Ugh ugh~! Ptrea gives a pretty good amount of exp and they are pretty easy to mob! (I can only take 4 in one turn, or else I'm dead.) It didn't take long before I earned back the exp I lost while running around with all the other monsters in Saurus fields. I wish there was a Iris stone there though, running through the Pyramid ruins can be a pain. B> Iris stone.
Now now~ Time to get back to kick some wannabe bat/bird monster butts~ I <3 you Ptrea~
[SIZE=1]Oh, why hello there Mr.Din- OW! Q_Q[/SIZE]

I guess that it for today~


[SIZE=1]Sorry, I had to put it somewhere. I can't have it as a sig. </3


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  1. Kukiko's Avatar
    If you ever need help, I'll sit in mobs for you =D <3
    -goes afk in mob while you're grinding- XD
    Posted 04-24-2009 at 04:26 PM by Kukiko Kukiko is offline
  2. LaTale's Avatar
    Nah~ No need to~ I can make it~ ;D

    and no, I'm not a week late.
    Posted 05-05-2009 at 02:49 AM by LaTale LaTale is offline
  3. Kukiko's Avatar
    It's all good Oti xD
    I USUALLY notice when people respond to me =3
    -lurks again-
    Posted 05-05-2009 at 01:57 PM by Kukiko Kukiko is offline
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