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LaTale is updating!

Posted 03-15-2009 at 10:05 AM by LaTale
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Today I got the insperation suddenly to grind a little today. I was totally prepared, I was going to play in full screen mode, I was going to finish a quest that gives me, what is it, 50% more exp when killing a monster? 30%? No idea, but I was going to use it. After waiting a while for the game to start(It take a while for me... >_>) and logged in I was going to warp to belos to get the quest. Warped to Elias because I was too far away though, however, I never got there. I got stuck on the loading screen for at least ten minutes.
I lost all mymotivation after that. ;_;
I don't want to wait like 3 min for the game to start again. Bleh. ;_;

[/COLOR] [SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue][I]Okey okey, I get it. Now let me play!

[/I][/COLOR][SIZE=2][COLOR=RoyalBlue]But, I had a great time yesterday.
I couple of members of the Cookie guild and I decided to try to explore the new areas. I managed to come to antlantis but thats where it stopped for me. I lost maybe 30% of exp because of that. (I had 63% that morning, ended up with 33% or something. ;_; ) So I stayed at Atlantis and read what they said insted. When they got back again, they had bought me a Midgård(Midgard) Warp capsule. If you're reading this, thank you guuys~ <3 I'll pay ya' someday~ ;D I wish I could have gone with you though, but I didn't really want to lose anymore exp.
I had lost of fun though~ <3

[SIZE=1][I]Socky likes to sit on me whenever I'm dead. :v

[/I][SIZE=2]This became a kinda short blog entry... But there isn't so much to report. Most of the updates are for high leveled people. ;_;


[I][SIZE=1]You spin me right round, baby. Right round~[/SIZE][/I][SIZE=1][SIZE=2]


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  1. Kukiko's Avatar
    I hate it when loading screens do that ;__;
    My loading screen in Elias took like 20 minutes to load once. I ate lunch while waiting for it ">_>
    And when it finally loaded, I d/ced.

    I was going to try to get to Midgard but decided to stick with grinding.
    I died a couple times while healing my friends at Grells because of my lag @_@

    Cute pic of spinning ^^
    Posted 03-15-2009 at 03:33 PM by Kukiko Kukiko is offline
  2. Haru's Avatar
    Meh.. the new update isn't really that good even for the high levels. Bifrost is ridiculously difficult to climb because of the stupid anti-gravity and the monsters mob you so much, you can't even survive with FS pots. On top of that, all the new quests released are mostly for vahalla monsters so you can't even complete them because you can't get there without dying! Probably only 1% of the population benefit from this update.. This is all just my opinion. Maybe people actually like it because of the lowered pvp prices or w.e. I'll just stick to making new characters for now.
    Posted 03-17-2009 at 10:38 PM by Haru Haru is offline
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