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Posted 06-07-2011 at 11:45 PM by Lala
It seems I'm still procrastinating on those two other subjects I was going to write about. If only I wasn't lazy/remembered what I was going to say. All my good ideas come to me in the shower, and as soon as I step out I forget them all. I should just stay in the shower all day.. Maybe I'll think of a cure to the common cold or something.


So today in my class, people were presenting stuff about writing (It's a Business writing course) and well... they were not doing so well. However, as much as I criticize them in my head, I'm not much better either. Something about public speaking is just so.. I don't know how to describe it.. Is sadistic the word? I think it might be. Something about public speaking is just so sadistic. It's like the Secret Legion of Asshat Teachers (S.L.A.T) decided that they would make students miserable by making them speak publicly. It's a conspiracy- I just know it. I know the public speaking is supposed to "prepare you for future endeavors (Got that from the common 'Good luck in future endeavors!' on report cards lol)" and "help you with real world situations -where you might be talking to hundreds of people.. No thousands.. No wait! Broadcasted worldwide! Good luck with that!" But I think this is unnecessary. What about those kids that will grow up to live their life hermitting in their parents basement? They don't need public speaking skills. Actually, they probably ended up that way because the S.L.A.T enforced their stupid beliefs! For shame!

Off topic:

The people presenting today had verrry heavy accents and I could barely understand them ;~;. I always feel bad when I can't understand heavy accents, 'cause at work I get some people who ask me something and I just stand there like "'Pardon?' ... 'Pardon?' ... 'I'm sorry what?' ... 'Umm.. this? *tries to repeat*' ... 'Oh, uhh right this way..'" And I lead them across the store to some random thing and they're like "No I said ____" and it becomes slightly clearer, and I'm embarrassed and lead them to the place. So yeah! Not so good with heavy accents D:

Back on Topic:

So all I'm saying is, public speaking is hard, but I guess I do admit that it may be helpful for those "future endeavors" (Geez.. I like that saying a bit too much) But I'm sure I'll be up there all shaky hands looking for the closest exit and calculating my chances on getting out before someone (probably from the S.L.A.T) tackles me and forces me back up there to complete the presentation.

I don't like public speaking at all. Let me hand in a paper and the teacher can read it out loud to herself if she really wants to hear it being said by someone.

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